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Across the Galaxy, It Is Christmas in July

July 21, 2014 Leave a comment

d66 CompendiumThe Christmas in July Sale starts today at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. For the next week, you can download all of Jon Brazer Enterprises’ Traveller and 13th Age titles for 25% off. Download these great deals and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas in the middle of the Summer.

EDIT: Well, I didn’t plan on it, but it would appear that Pathfinder is on sale for 25% off as well. Wahoo!

13th Age: Now For a Deadly Monster

July 11, 2014 Leave a comment

13th Age CompatibleSo I’ve been working on a number of 13th Age monsters in my spare time. I am really liking what I’ve done so far. However, there are a few that I would like feedback on how to tighten them up, particularly on the body slump ability. I would really appreciate your feedback. Note: this isn’t edited yet, so the verbage may be a little rough.


AC 29
PD 27
MD 23
HP 1,296
This enormous, fanged, stubby horned, clawed, razor-backed, ugly quadruped bears a skin of living rock.
Huge 13th level wrecker
Initiative +18

C: Bite +18 vs AC—100 damage
Natural odd hit: Starak can make a free buried alive attack.

Jawbone impale +18 vs AC (2 attacks)—90 damage
Natural 16+: Target’s speed is hampered until the end of the starak’s next turn.

R: Earth spike +18 vs AC—180 damage
Natural 12+ hit: Starak can make a free knock flying attack.

[Special trigger] Knock flying +18 vs PD—Unless the target can fly, the target is hurrled into the air and falls back to the ground, dealing 50 damage
Natural even hit: Target is hampered until the end of the starak’s next turn.
Natural 18+: Target is knocked into the far away range increment.

Acid immunity: A starak does not take acid damage.

Burrow: As the standard monster ability (see the 13th Age Core Rulebook, Chapter 7).

Nastier Specials
Foot stomp (all nearby enemies) +18 vs PD—target is stuck and vulnerable until the end of the starak’s next turn

[Special trigger] Buried alive +18 vs PD—Starak uses its pointy nose to move some of the earth and deposit the target in the hole before covering the target back up, dealing 50 ongoing damage. The target must start making last gasp saves as it is crushed by the mounds of dirt on top of it. The ongoing damage continues until either the target has succeeded his last gasp save (where it digs itself out) or the target is rescued (requiring another character to succeed a hard save to undig the character) or the target dies.

Download Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Great Druid for your 13th Age/Archmage game today at DriveThruRPG/ and

Traveller: d66: Your Faith in Your Allies is Your Weakness

June 19, 2014 Leave a comment

d66Available now are three new d66 lists for your game in the far future. The first of which is d66 Reasons Why Your Ally Cannot Help Right Now. Allies can help you out a tight spot, but they have lives of their own and are not always available to help you every instant of every day. This is not a mere list of excuse, but a list of serious problems that can lead to exciting new adventures.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of ships were sent out into the blackness of space carrying crews that were asleep for hundreds of years of living each day aboard the ship, waiting for the day they may find a star with habitable planets to colonize. Some of those ships are still in transit. Others have arrived, but the colony remembers those ships and their names. d66 Generational/Sleeper Ship Names gives you the names of hope and peace that the people of Earth left for the stars, only to find those stars are already inhabited by man kind.

d66 Personal Spacecraft Names 2 delivers even more names appropriate for someone’s personal pleasure ship. Pirates or corporations need not apply; these ships belong to the rich and the meager owners of outer space travel.

Download all of these and more awesome d66 lists at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

Traveller: Foreven Worlds: Vehicles Unleashed

May 20, 2014 Leave a comment

image The people of the Foreven Sector have their own collection of vehicles that they use to travel the worlds. With little infrastructure, the people here must rely on the few worlds that are built up enough to produce such machines, even if they are their enemies. Whether you are building a colony, arming a police force, or starting a war, the vehicle you need lies within. 

Foreven Worlds: Vehicles of the Frontier is a 20 page supplement for Traveller. Inside you will find:

  • 3 Civilian Battledresses and 4 Military Battledresses,
  • 7 Civilian Vehicles,
  • 2 Cargo Vehicles,
  • 3 Police Vehicles,
  • 4 Military Vehicles, and
  • descriptions of how each fits into the Foreven Sector and in your game.

What destiny lies in your hands?

Download Foreven Worlds: Vehicles of the Frontier at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow and at d20pfsrd today.

Traveller: Foreven Worlds: Vehicles Preview

May 15, 2014 2 comments

FW Vehicles of the Frontier We are currently putting the final touches on Foreven Worlds: Vehicles of the Frontier and we thought we would share a pair of the final pages here. First up, we have the Cyberpuma, an extremely fast sports car for the wealthier individuals in the Foreven Sector. You will note it has an Optional Equipment package so you you can upgrade your vehicle for a small fee. The other vehicle here is a Zhodani grav tank that is no longer in production, but is sold to many of the Consulate’s allies throughout the sector. Click on the images below to see them upclose.

These vehicles are designed for the Foreven Worlds setting but they work just as well anywhere else in the Official Traveller Universe or any other setting you desire. Their descriptions include minor references to Foreven Worlds, making it easy for you to integrate the vehicles into any setting you desire.

Download Foreven Worlds: Massina Subsector at DriveThruRPG/ and d20PFSRD.

Vehicles Preview 2

Vehicles Preview - Zhodani Grav Tank

“Traveller” and the Foreven logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission. The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.

Traveller: Smart Guns

May 7, 2014 1 comment

I saw a report recently about smart guns and how they are work. It was pretty cool. A thought I had about them shortly after the report was: why aren’t they in Traveller. So I’m adding them as an option. Here goes:

New Equipment Option

Smart Firearm (TL 8+). At the time of manufacturing, any firearm can become a smart gun. This prevents the gun from firing unless the designated person is holding the gun. At lower tech levels (TL 8-10), this represents a bracelet, ring or similar object being worn by the wielder that must be within 30 centimeters of the firearm. At higher tech levels (TL 10+), this represents DNA encoding to make sure the holder of the weapon is the designated person. When an authorized user of a Smart Firearm is deactivated, a new user normally must wait one minute before being activated. This modification triples the cost of the weapon.

New Skill Uses

Gun Combat
Activating a user on a smart firearm: Education, 10-60 seconds, Easy
Activating a user on a smart firearm within 1 minute of a user being deactivated: Education, 10-60 seconds, Difficult
Making a smart firearm think the current user is the authorized user: Education, 1-6 seconds, Very Difficult.

What do you think?

Traveler: Foreven Worlds: Massina Needs Your Help

April 29, 2014 Leave a comment

Massina SubsectorThe ignored and forgotten regions of the Zhodani Consulate of Massina Subsector are still populated with people that need your help. With insufficient resources to maintain an enlightened society, problems that law enforcement officials are unequipped to handle arise everywhere. With danger lurking behind every asteroid, how will you change lives? Will you start a cult or stop one from spreading? Will you put a stop to a corporation that treats its employees like slaves, or will you join those rulers? Only you can decide.

Foreven Worlds: Massina Subsector is a 13 page supplement for Traveller. Inside you will find:

  • intricate details for 7 worlds of this subsector and the people that make their way in this ignored region of Zhodani space,
  • an overview of all the other planets in the subsector,
  • a detailed, full-color map of the subsector,
  • and plot hooks for you to create your own campaign.

What destiny lies in your hands?

Download Foreven Worlds: Massina Subsector at DriveThruRPG/ and d20PFSRD.

“Traveller” and the Foreven logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission. The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.

Traveller: Foreven Worlds: Vehicles That Will Blow You Away

April 23, 2014 Leave a comment

CyberpumaIts official. Mongoose Publishing released the Vehicles Handbook as part of their SRD. I have been working on a vehicles book ever since I finished converting the book to an SRD.

Soon now we will be releasing Foreven Worlds: Vehicles of the Frontier. But for right now, let me just share with you the names of the vehicles done so far (we still might add a few yet). Here’s what you can expect:

Cornathian Mightyman Construction Suit
Zhodani Liltsob Export Construction Suit
People’s Militia Police Interceptor
People’s Militia Prison Transport Vehicle
Massinagrav Cyberpuma (image shown above)
Sandstar Windchaser
Zargrav X-72
Everritt Cloudhauler
Marazda 7 (Vroom-vroom)
VolksGrav Squirrel

Cargo Haulers
Shavaraz Cargo Transport Platform
Massinagrav Cyberbear

Avalar Abrzdol Scout Walker
Zhodani Anchiefl Grav Tank
Imperial DAC-54F Lightningbolt Space Assault Fighter (yes, it is the warthog of the future)
People’s Militia Ordermaker Assault Armor
Avalar Falling Star Space Assault Suit
Hollis Bodyguard Spacearmy Suit
Federation Yeti Marine Armor

We’ll have more previews as the release gets closer (and after my editor has a look at what I’ve written. Stay tuned.

Download Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector today at DriveThruRPG/ and d20PFSRD.

Traveller: Foreven Worlds: Coming of the Zhodani

April 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Massina SubsectorNow that Foreven Worlds: Massina Subsector has been turned over to the editor, I figured it is a good time to start talking about what is inside.

First off, I want to start off by saying that one of the first things you notice as being different from Fessor Subsector is that all of the worlds within got a write up. Just like Fessor Subsector, 7 of the worlds received an in depth description. However, the remaining 16 worlds within the subsector has a brief overview helping a Referee to paint a more detailed picture of the entire subsector. We made sure not to skimp on the adventure ideas. Every single world within has an idea that carry a group of Travellers anywhere from a session to full campaign. If you thought the amount of plot hooks were great, you will be blown away by these.

One thing I have always had trouble in my own games in the Third Imperium is the notion that, you can always run to the law for help if the players get in over their head (unless they are wanted, but that’s another story). That was one of the appeals to doing Foreven for me. So many of the worlds have no major government to run to protect the backs of their law-abiding citizens. Massina subsector, being fully engulfed by the Zhodani Consulate, presented a problem. How did we give the players a place where they felt they could make a difference while still being fully protected by the Zhodani Consulate? The solution to that was right inside the question. Don’t make the place fully protected by the Zhodani Consulate. The Zhodani attention are focused on the Spinward Marches and a highly-probable Fifth Frontier War. This means that all their resources not deemed vital to basic operations in this Subsector would be redirected to the war effort. Such a massive redistribution of resources and a subsequent lack of attention paid to the people here would breed disgruntled rumblings and resentment at a level that the Tavrchedl’, the thought police of the Consulate tasked with keeping the people content with their lot in life, could simply not handle it.

Well, that would give you problems like unsafe working environments, smuggling, computer viruses running rampant, radioactive contamination, equipment breaking down and poisoning the citizens and much more. Each of the worlds in this subsector deals with some problem that springs from insufficient support in some way or another.

The only real question is, what help can your players bring to these people?

This subsector would not be possible without the writings of Marc Miller and many others over the years. Thank you.

Foreven Worlds: Massina Subsector is coming soon to your Traveller game. Download Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector today at DriveThruRPG/ and d20PFSRD.

Traveller: Foreven Worlds: Jareth Station

April 3, 2014 Leave a comment

Foreven Worlds: Fessor SubsectorLast week, we mentioned that we would be providing more detail on the planets are not thoroughly covered in Foreven Sector: Fessor Subsector. Today, we’re taking a look at Bromley. Particularly Jareth Station, a mercenary base in the system.

Jareth Station

Jareth Station is a small space station orbiting the smaller gas giant, Sinth, in the Bromley system. It is far enough away from the war that engulfed the planet Bromley and the planetoid Freehaven that both governments have agreed that the station and the gas giant are neutral territory. Because both military leadership and average troops take a rest here from the fighting, it is a gathering place for mercenaries and intelligence gathering alike. Weapons shipments are not permitted to pass through here although weapons sales happen here all the time.

All those that want to join in the fighting for a profit must register with the station as a mercenary. When a registered mercenary wants to be seek work, they are granted access to a special databoard that lists all available military tickets.

Mercenary Tickets

The following are a few of the many mercenary tickets that are currently awaiting to be fulfilled at Bromley Station.

Retrieve Missing Personnel

Side: Bromley Consulate
Contact Person: Major Chtanianshalt Jdervrets, Mercenary Liaison Officer
Mission type: Retrieval
Estimated Personnel Required: 10
Equipment Available: Ammunition, Facility Layout, Terrain Survival Gear
Estimated Length of Service: 2-3 Weeks
Estimated Pay: Cr. 50,000
Post-Action Extraction: Not possible
Post-Action Support: Equipment Repair
An attack squadron came back with half their number shot down. Our best intelligence suggests that approximately 20 persons survived and are being held prisoner at a the Kiesnakr Detention Facility. The Bromley Armed Forces want them back before they can give those Freehaven rebels intelligence on our positions. The Kiesnakr Detention Facility is a captured Bromley facility and is behind enemy lines. However, they rebels have fortified their air and space defenses well enough that around that position that going in by land is recommended. Ticket pays upon successful retrieval of all survivors from this action.

Ticket Complication: A total of nineteen from this action survived and are being held at Kiesnakr. However, the Bromley military is unaware that thirty-five additional personnel are being held at the facility that are currently listed as Killed in Action. The nineteen survivors will not want to leave without their other comrades.

Protect Fort Sa’dedra

Side: Bromley Consulate
Contact Person: Major Chtanianshalt Jdervrets, Mercenary Liaison Officer
Mission type: Defense
Estimated Personnel Required: 20-30
Equipment Available: Ammunition
Estimated Length of Service: 2-3 Weeks
Estimated Pay: Cr. 30,000
Post-Action Extraction: If necessary
Post-Action Support: Medical
Fort Da’dedra has taken heavy loses and the manpower cannot be spared elsewhere. Additional forces are needed to keep the base from falling into Freehaven rebel hands. Ticket ends when reinforcements arrive.

Ticket Complication: The Base Commander of Fort Sa’dedra has been underreporting the amount of ammunition used in the hoped of making himself look good. As a result, the Base Commander died in the last raid, communications now are being jammed and the fort is almost out of ammunition. Unless the players bring considerable ammunition with them, there is enough ammo at the fort for slug weapons to last 3-4 days.

Download Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector at DriveThruRPG/ and d20PFSRD.


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