[Traveller] Creatures of Distant Worlds Subscription 2 Available

Earlier today, Spiders went active. This means the first Creatures of Distant Worlds Subscription ends. When we at Jon Brazer Enterprises launched the Subscription we did not know how many, if anyone, would be interested in having creatures in their home Traveller game. Less than a month later we know that the creatures would beContinue reading “[Traveller] Creatures of Distant Worlds Subscription 2 Available”

[Traveller] Spiders Big and Small Lurk Into Traveller

Spiders. They lurk, they crawl, and they bite. These poisonous, hairy-legged hell spawn survive in the harshest environments. Wherever humans go, spiders are not far behind. In the darkest corners of a ship, they thrive, waiting for you to investigate why some equipment needs repaired. On distant worlds, they grow to over a meter tall,Continue reading “[Traveller] Spiders Big and Small Lurk Into Traveller”

[Traveller] Spiders Available for Subscriber Download

Spiders killed creatures of all sizes throughout time. Even after spending centuries among the stars, these eight-legged menaces still pose a threat. Having adapted to new environments some grow human size. This issue possess rules for spider webs and contains several different types of poison. And now they are available for subscribers to download. TheyContinue reading “[Traveller] Spiders Available for Subscriber Download”

Creatures of Distant Worlds Subscription 2 Announced

Jon Brazer Enterprises is proud to declare the initial Creatures of Distant Worlds Subscription a success and are moving forward with the next Subscription. This time around, we offering 20% off the stand alone price. This means the subscription of five creatures costs the same as four stand alone. Plus you still get the addedContinue reading “Creatures of Distant Worlds Subscription 2 Announced”