d66 Compendium Preview 1

With the d66 Compendium off the printer, it is time for us begin previews. First up, what’s in the darn thing. Well, that’s an easy question to answer. *Opens up pdf and looks at the index.* “Stuff!” is the best way to sum it up. “What kind of stuff?” you ask. Let me share withContinue reading “d66 Compendium Preview 1”

JBE is Now Part of Bits and Mortar

Jon Brazer Enterprises is now part of Bits and Mortar. This means that your participating retailer will be able to give you the free PDF to the Traveller or Pathfinder Compatible JBE book you just purchased from them. No waiting, you get it right away. Tell your local retailer today that they should be apartContinue reading “JBE is Now Part of Bits and Mortar”

Pathfinder: The Kobold Ninja Knows Your Potion’s Taste

Not every potion, elixir and extract looks the same. Each has their own unique look, taste, and smell. From the foul smell of “dwarf urine” to the stunning appearance of “night black with small star lights” to the curious taste of “arsenic,” these lists will liven up any session by adding flavorful description and deliciousContinue reading “Pathfinder: The Kobold Ninja Knows Your Potion’s Taste”

Traveller and Pathfinder Update

Its been less than a month since the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations has hit game stores and it is already on its second printing. This is really amazing just how this blew away our best estimates. To date we’ve sold 270 print and PDF copies and it doesn’t look like itContinue reading “Traveller and Pathfinder Update”