Flagons and Dragons Interview

Recently, I was interviewed by the folks at Flagons and Dragons. It was a real pleasure talking to Carl Bussler and I hope to game with the whole crew someday (since they’re like an hour away from me). After listening to the interview, give their other episodes a listen if you have not already. IContinue reading “Flagons and Dragons Interview”

What’s Going On With JBE And Traveller

Hey everyone, If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know I have been talking alot about Pathfinder quite a bit lately and not much Traveller. You are probably asking yourself, “So has JBE dropped Traveller altogether? Is there any Traveller in your future?” The short answer is, we have not dropped Traveller, butContinue reading “What’s Going On With JBE And Traveller”

Pictures of PaizoCon

This past weekend Jon Brazer Enterprises attended PaizoCon. We hd alot of fun and met some awesome gamers. Naturally we took alot of pictures. We thought we’d share a few of them with you. Jeff, Cosmo and several others of the Paizo Crew rocking the registration table. Ryan Dancey, James Sutter, and James Jacobs beforeContinue reading “Pictures of PaizoCon”

JBE Schedule at PaizoCon 2011

Jon Brazer Entrprises is going to be at PaizoCon in a big way. We are thrilled and are spending just about every waking moment planning for it. We’d love to meet you there. Thursday Evening The Meet and Eat at the Crab Pot-Bellevue (see this thread for details). Both myself and my wonderful girlfriend andContinue reading “JBE Schedule at PaizoCon 2011”

Book of the River Nations Back In Stock

I just received word that the reprint of the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference to Kingdom Building hit the warehouse yesterday. If you were not able to get ahold of a first printing book, they will soon be available. Order today from your local game store or your favorite gaming webstore.