What’s Going On With JBE And Traveller

Hey everyone,

If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know I have been talking alot about Pathfinder quite a bit lately and not much Traveller. You are probably asking yourself, “So has JBE dropped Traveller altogether? Is there any Traveller in your future?” The short answer is, we have not dropped Traveller, but we are in a hold at the moment.

Our strategy for a while now has been: one Traveller book, one Pathfinder book, repeat. With the launch of the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference to Kingdom Building, I was getting ready to work on my next Traveller book. We settled on it being a book of Warp Ships (with a working title of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Warp Speed). Early artwork has been purchased and I started laying out some deck plans. We were considering making some changes to the warp engine rules and were were even considering releasing the rules as an open playtest.

Then Mongoose announced Star Trek will be coming to the Traveller system.

While we’re thrilled about this, it is also a bit of a problem for us. You see if we did anything other than what Mongoose does, our ships will largely be viewed as “wrong.” We simply do not know if Mongoose will be going with the warp engine rules in the core book or not. While they may, they may customize them some. Plus there are other design choices that will going into that book that we would like to wait and see on. So after much discussion, we are taking a wait and see approach on our next Traveller book. Then we need to evaluate how much jives with existing OGL material and what we definitely cannot use. I don’t know precisely how long we will be waiting so we just ask for patience.

Our d66 line has been on hiatus for a while. Sales of the lists have slowed in recent months so we decided to give it a break for a few months and start it back in up in the fall. We’re guessing everyone has enough names for the time being and we’ll release more after we’ve given everyone a chance to use the names they already have.

So we will be quiet on the Traveller front for a while but we’re not gone. We’ll be back boldly going where no 3rd party publisher has gone before.

3 thoughts on “What’s Going On With JBE And Traveller

  1. Dale, you may want to take into consideration that *nothing* associated with Prime Directive ever comes out in a timely fashion. Yes, Matt and ADB are talking about “by the end of the year”, but I would be stunned if that actually happened. Plus, at the end of the day, it’s still the SFU and their, em, unique take on the Final Frontier and things like Warp Drives. If nothing else, I’d be looking to Warp Speed to a) get Trek-like Traveller sooner than later, and b) to “fix” what I suspect will be broken and/or ignored in PD:T. Read the threads (of you haven’t already) on the Mongoose site and elsewhere: there does not appear to be a single vision of what PD:T should include or how to mesh the two together. I want to be optimistic, but I think it’s a potential trainwreck in the making. If nothing else, I would just say that you shouldn’t let the announcement alter your plans too much if you see an opportunity.

  2. It is good to hear that you are still going to do Traveller.

    Though, now I have to admit I am taking a liking for the most part to Pathfinder. I don’t like what they did to mages, but otherwise I am having fun with it.

  3. Wow, can’t not believe I just misspelled my own last name….time for breakfast.

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