Pathfinder: Protected Cities of Shadowsfall

Illustration by Brittany Michel
Daily life in Shadowsfall varies greatly depending on where you live. The closest to our own civilization is in the protected cities. A protected city is just as it sounds, a city protected by a strong wall and other defenses against the horrors that roam the Plane of Shadows. Regular armies are maintained to defend the city and the surrounding farmland. However everyone is part of the city’s militia, because sometimes you need every able bodied man, woman and child defending their home.
Protected cities are where the majority of the crafters, artists, spellcasters and politicians live. Most cities possess a university or a magical academy. These help attract travelers from the Material Plane that want to study Shadowsfall as well as teach those living here how to better defend themselves.
Blackbat, the newest protected city, was founded a little over a century ago. It was started when a tribe of fetchlings and orcs were fighting over a mushroom field when a horde of zombies attacked. The fetchlings and orcs put their differences aside long enough to stop the undead horde. When the fighting was over, they decided to found a town insuring mutual survival. While most of the orcs have since moved back to nomadic tribal life, they have since been replaced by hobgoblins, umbral kobolds, and even some vampires that prefer a more civilized life.
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  1. I personally am not big on fantasy, but I have to say I am really digging this Shadowsfall plane quite a bit. Keep up the good work! The world needs good shadow planes, especially one not inhabited and ruled by an evil Netherese Archwizard.

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