Pathfinder: Class Options from Shadowsfall

The Shadowsfall: Shadow Plane Player’s Companion details the Plane of Shadows in a player friendly way. It provides you with short descriptions of the whole area plus it provides with a number of character options that help you to get a feel for the setting through a number of class options. Below are two suchContinue reading “Pathfinder: Class Options from Shadowsfall”

Pathfinder: Kobolds Love Traps

Riyal, an character I once played, died valiatly some time ago. But his research lives on in the Riyal’s Research series. One of the things he researched are various kinds of traps. Below are two traps that kobolds really enjoy making. I hope they enhance your mishaps when facing off against the honorable and braveContinue reading “Pathfinder: Kobolds Love Traps”

Pathfinder: Personalize Your Spellbook

The greatest spellcaster’s create their own spells so solve problems common to them. We gathered up a number of our favorite spells and put them in Book of Magic: Signature Spells 1 and 2. One of these great is Rostov. The character was inspired by the character from Night in the Lonesome October and theContinue reading “Pathfinder: Personalize Your Spellbook”

Traveller: Comms and Computers

As I mentioned before, JBE is coming back to Traveller and we are excited. We thought we would bring you a few of the pieces of equipment we are working on and letting you have it early for your home games. Sapphire “Blue Gem” New from Sapphire is the Blue Gem. This video phone bearsContinue reading “Traveller: Comms and Computers”

Pathfinder: This Week Only, Get 40% Off

Sale at DriveThruRPG and d20PFSRD! Take a look at everything we have for a whopping 40% off our normal prices for our Pathfinder PDFs. Starting Monday morning, June 24th, and going until July 1, grab some of the highly rated produces from Jon Brazer Enterprises. Our exciting PDFs are balanced and perfect for your game.Continue reading “Pathfinder: This Week Only, Get 40% Off”

Pathfinder: Have Faith with Oracle Mysteries

The pursuit of mysteries is the source behind an oracle’s power. Now your oracle can contemplate new realms of mystery with these two options for your character. The Fitness mystery lets your oracle become a model of physical perfection, while contemplating the Joy mystery allows your character to become a wellspring of internal peace andContinue reading “Pathfinder: Have Faith with Oracle Mysteries”