Traveller: d66: Your Faith in Your Allies is Your Weakness

Available now are three new d66 lists for your game in the far future. The first of which is d66 Reasons Why Your Ally Cannot Help Right Now. Allies can help you out a tight spot, but they have lives of their own and are not always available to help you every instant of everyContinue reading “Traveller: d66: Your Faith in Your Allies is Your Weakness”

Traveller: Foreven Worlds: War is Brewing

It is time I start talking about the Mercenary Wars for the Foreven Worlds setting. So let me share with you some of my goals with this adventure. First off, I want to make an exciting wartime adventure that is both freeform as well as having a serious plot. Next, I want it indicative ofContinue reading “Traveller: Foreven Worlds: War is Brewing”