Pathfinder: What Levels Need More Adventures?

Time to ask you another question about what you would like to see from us at Jon Brazer Enterprises. What levels need more adventures? I am not asking “At what levels do you play most of your games?” I’m asking, “At what levels do you have trouble finding adventures for your games?” How many times have you had to stop a campaign or had your prep time double or even triple, because you just couldn’t find an adventure to run? Was it at 5th level? 8th level? 12th? 15th? That is a problem we would like to address.

While I am at it, are there any themes in adventures that are not addressed enough? I mean like, do you not see enough adventures involving vampires? Or on pirate ships? Or on the Plane of Shadows? Do you want more dwarf/gnome themed adventures?

Tell us what you want to see more of.

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One thought on “Pathfinder: What Levels Need More Adventures?

  1. I dislike to start below 4th level. I prefer to start at level 6 or 8. There is so much more that can be done at mid to high levels. I have bought over 30 adventures, and only 2 of them are below 4th level. I have looked for higher stand alone adventures, but about the only ones I have found start at 1st level and go to 17th. That is a lot of game play, The problem is I run flexible games, and it would be very hard to keep on track for that long. I like adventures that gain the party one level, then I can drop a few hooks for a few adventures and can let the players pick one.

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