Pathfinder 1e: What Kinds of Products Do You Want For Your Game?

We’re hard at work here at JBE on the upcoming Book of Beasts: Character Codex. While we have a number of our own ideas, we want to hear from you: what kinds of products do you want in your game? Vote in the poll below. If you have something specific in mind or if you can’t see the poll, leave a comment below.

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Options include:

  • Low-level adventures (levels 1-5)
  • Mid-level adventures (levels 6-10)
  • High-level adventures (levels 11-15)
  • Game-ender adventures (levels 16-20)
  • Long adventures (cover 10+ levels, able to make a full campaign out of them)
  • Options for existing Paizo classes (includes archetypes, classes produced by Paizo only)
  • Options for existing Pathfinder Compatible classes (share which ones below, there’s quite a few)
  • New classes (something totally new, yes, we do have ideas)
  • New monster / NPC books
  • New feats or spells
  • New / expanded races
  • Small settings (cities, towns, etc that can be incorporated into any setting)
  • Large campaign setting (able to play several campaigns here)
  • Other (describe in the comments below)

EDIT: Because we can’t seem to allow multiple option voting (to many options, I guess), I allowed repeat voting. So you can vote in the poll as many times as you want. I ask that you don’t vote for the same option more than once; it will make the results less accurate. So let us know all the options you want.

Vote in the poll now:

3 thoughts on “Pathfinder 1e: What Kinds of Products Do You Want For Your Game?

  1. Magical items, especially magical weapons and intelligent weapons, that can be used as quest hooks.

  2. There is a lot to choose from here. Adventures of any kind, low level, mid-level, high level, long (AP style) are great additions. New campaign settings would be a nice addition. Encounters of any type… One thing I would personally like is a compendium of all the different types of swarms, troops, traps, hazards, and haunts from Paizo and 3PP. That to me would be invaluable as an encounter development tool. At the very least it would benefit not only GM’s but 3PP as well because we would have an additional reason (reminder) to buy their material if we came across an encounter we were interested in using from the compendium. Actually you could do this for a lot of different encounters….plants, animals, undead, and so on.

  3. Actually I would like a cleaned up, and re-balanced version of pathfinder 1e (a pathfinder 1.5). Or even a new game that is close to pathfinder and based on the ogl. A new campaign setting would be nice, and new and expanding class/race options would also be nice.

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