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Pathfinder: Book of Beasts Sales Numbers

A number of companies post their sales numbers online. We thought it would be fun to post some of our numbers as well. These are for the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations since it was 6 months ago (almost to the day) since its release. A bit of context, Distribution numbers lag behind PDF sales since its the funds that flow from the game store to the distributor to the consolidator to me. As a result it takes a bit of time before see the profits of the book.

Without any further ado, sales numbers for the first Book of Beasts:

Aug 2010
Print Distribution Sales: 0
PDF DriveThruRPG/RPGNow: 23
PDF Paizo: 35

Sept 2010
Print Distribution Sales: 14
PDF DriveThruRPG/RPGNow: 12
PDF Paizo: 15

Oct 2010
Print Distribution Sales: 187
PDF DriveThruRPG/RPGNow: 3
PDF Paizo: 4

Nov 2010
Print Distribution Sales: 30
PDF DriveThruRPG/RPGNow: 6
PDF Paizo: 7

Dec 2010
Print Distribution Sales: 12
PDF DriveThruRPG/RPGNow: 5
PDF Paizo: 8

Jan 2011
Print Distribution Sales: Data Not Available Yet
PDF DriveThruRPG/RPGNow: 3
PDF Paizo: 8

Print Distribution Sales: 243
PDF DriveThruRPG/RPGNow: 52
PDF Paizo: 77

As you can see, print is a major component to our sales. And while the PDF market is growing, it is not ready to supplant print just yet. With Print outselling PDF by roughly 2:1, we’ll be looking to do more with print as we grow.

We hope you enjoyed this look behind the curtain.

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Traveller: Four New d66 Lists

Jon Brazer Enterprises is excited to announced the release of four new d66 d66 lists for the Traveller Role Playing Game. These four lists can enhance your world in new and interesting ways.

d66 Narcotic and Recreational Drug Names gives you names of certain troublesome but highly profitable substances that can lead your group to new riches or to time on a prison planet.

d66 Cargo Ship Names helps to name the millions of ships that travel every day across the dark void of space that keeps interstellar commerce flowing.

d66 Interstellar War Names inspires you with names for the myriad of wars between corporations, governments, religions, or factions, whether it be over basic rights, self-governance, freedom, doctrine, or just plain old money.

d66 Zhodani Names helps you to come up with just the right name for your Zhodani character or NPC. Three lists in one, Zhodani Names covers male, female and family names.

And don’t forget, today is the last day to get the Creatures of Distant World Compendium at 20% off. Get all the Animals and Scifi Creature for your game while this sale is still going on. Just enter the discount code 12450 to get your copy at 20% off.

Happy Gaming Everyone.

“Traveller” and the Foreven logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission. The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.

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Important Milestone

Yesterday, JBE hit an important milestone. We received 2 checks in the mail for PDF and print book sales. The total of those two checks is more than I receive in take-home pay per paycheck from my day job. That is highly significant since my job is in the category that Matt Sprange (of Mongoose Publishing) describes in “I am Mongoose and So Can You” as “will likely require to take a pay cut working full time in the RPG industry.” Mind you, the the checks I received was more than my net pay and not by gross pay and I get 2 checks per month, not just 1 and it didn’t include expenses like print runs or artwork, but it was an important milestone nonetheless.

It means that JBE is a success. No matter how you slice it, we are holding our own. It begs the question, “If I can do this is with an average of 10-15 hours per week, what can I do with 40 hours every week?” Whether I’d love to find out the answer to that question or not right now, I will not be in the near future. There are a good number of reasons why I am not testing those waters just yet. Many of those reasons involve health insurance, the security of the day job and so on. But we have been looking at the possibility of making it a reality. Running JBE as a full time job is a dream. One that looks to be more a reality with each week and month. While the economy may not allow for it to happen this year, we are working towards it. We believe it can happen.

In the words of the great J. Michael Straczynski, “Faith Manages!”

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Pathfinder: Prestige Classes vs Archetypes

The upcoming release for the Book of the River Nations is mostly going to focus on new Feats, Spells, and Magic Items. Additionally, we’re planning to include a few Prestige Classes. Why Prcs instead of the currently popular Archetypes? Because Prestige Classes should indicate some sense of being part of a larger group, one which transcends the individual classes and allows those of very different backgrounds to share a common set of abilities. And that is what I wish to accomplish with these PrCs.

First among these is the King’s Spy. I’ve been intrigued by the recent book about a secret information gathering service commissioned by America’s first President, George Washington, and how it has (supposedly) been around ever since with few to no one in the general populous knowing about it. It makes sense and is pretty cool. So I wanted to give players something like that for their NPCs in their adventures in the River Nations. The King’s Spy PrC will focus around mundane spying and information gathering techniques, but they will exceptionally good at it. There’s no reason why a Commoner (tavern owner) couldn’t be just as much part of the King’s Spy Network as a Rogue (travelling business person). These and plenty of others could be part of some super secretive informants. Additionally, this PrC could used by a later player that joins the game as a reason why the players trust him so much. Or the players that do an espionage focused game where they’re all apart of the King’s Spy Network.

We’ll be posting more about the Prestige classes included within as we develop them. In the meantime, we hope your adventures in the River Nations are enjoyable.

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Traveller: Player Careers Pack 1 Now Available

Play the Character You Want to Play! With Player Careers, you can expand your background much further and go farther. Each Player Career Pack presents two new careers for your players and your NPCs, giving them a richer and more detailed background than ever before.

Player Careers Pack 1 presents the Software Engineer and the Raider. The Software Engineer lets you play the ace computer hacker trying to break into a company’s network, the cubical dweller embroiled in office politics, or the cyber detective trying to hunt down violators of computer laws. The Raider career focuses on the para-military outfits that target lightly defended transports and outposts and steal anything of value they possess. Play a daredevil pilot, a heavy-hitting gunman or a stealthy infiltrator. Enhance your world and enhance your character!

Jon Brazer Enterprises is proud to have Player Careers Pack 1 for use with the Traveller Role Playing Game. Download your copy now at

Also get your copy of the Creatures of Distant Worlds PDF at 20% off all month long while the discount code 12450. This special discount expires at the end of January so get yours today.

Jon Brazer Enterprises, We Enhance Your World and Your Game.

“Traveller” and the Traveller logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission. The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.

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Traveller: Encounter Some Creatures at 20% Off

For the whole month of January, Jon Brazer Enterprises is offering a 20% discount on the Creatures of Distant Worlds Compendium. Now you can get creatures from giant ants computerized zombies with stat blocks and descriptions on how to use them. You must use the discount code 12450 to get the 20% discount.

Enhance your World Today with the Creatures of Distant Worlds!

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Pathfinder and Traveller: A New Year Has Begun

2010 was one hell of a year. It was JBE’s first full year as a company and we have alot of good news to share about it.

1) Print Books: At the end of 2009, we signed a deal to get books into game stores. 2010 saw 3 books printed and in game stores: Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons (Traveller), Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations (PFRPG), and the d66 Compendium (Traveller). We’re very pleased with the sales numbers for all three. The real breakout star of those three is the Book of Beasts, currently going on its third printing. Quite astonishing for such a young company.

2) PDFs: Our #1 sales earner of 2010 from DriveThruRPG/RPGNow was Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Fighters and Small Ships. That really surprised us since it came out in 2009. Typically the first month a book is released is when all the real sales happen. Afterwards it hold what is referred to by PDF Publishers as “the long tail.” That’s when <5 sales per month occur. Far to few for a brick and mortar game store to notice, but more than enough to draw a long term profit for PDFs. While that was mostly true for MTnb:FnSS, two months stood out last year: March and June. Both saw higher than expected sales numbers. They are really responsible for that book doing so well. Tying for #1 was the Book of Beasts. No real surprise there. It did exceptionally well as a print book so it should do equally well as a PDF. And it did. Just goes to show. SF lovers love ships and Fantasy lovers love monsters.

3) PDF to Print Series: While we didn’t set out to do this on a major scale in 2010, it has become a major part of our business model. When I calculated out that the individual d66 PDFs paid for the Mech Squadrons and Book of Beasts print runs, I saw the real value in releasing PDFs and compendiuming them into a print release. The print run is already paid for and there is much, much less risk involved. Win-win scenario. The first release where we set out to do this was the Book of the River Nations: Exploration and Kingdom Building Rules followed up quickly by the Mass Combat rules. The first is well on its way to becoming our best selling PDF to date with the second not far behind.

4) PDF Guarantee One of the best decisions we made this past year was to follow in the footsteps of companies that came before us and release our PDFs for free when you buy a print book. This has opened doors for us as well as helped customers get exactly what they pay for. When you buy a print book, we feel that you should have it in its electronic form as well. We stand behind that 100%.

New for 2011
So what can you expect from JBE in 2011? Short answer, what you see in our PDFs, you will see in print. We’re going to continue our PDF to Print Compendium because it makes excellent business sense to do so.
Coming soon in the next few months is the Feats, Spells and Magic Items for the Book of River Nations followed lastly by a GMing section explaining how to creature your own maps, set up your own adventures and customizing the rules to your particular environment.

For Traveller, we have two particular series in mind. First is careers, second is warp ships. We plan to start with the careers sooner and release warp ships more towards the 2nd half of the year.

We have more exciting plans for 2011 that we’re not prepared to talk about yet, including some straight to print books we’re working on. 2011 is going to be a real break out year for us. And we hope that you are along with us for the ride.

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Pathfinder: Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat

Based on Kingmaker rules, Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat presents rules for the character’s nation to rise against another nation with a simple and fun system. Perfect for players in any Pathfinder game that uses mass combat rules and an ideal reference for game masters to have a handy reference. With errata incorporated and frequently asked questions clarified, this book is the goto reference for mass combat. Now everyone at your table can have the rules to valiantly lead their kobold army (or whatever race) into battle.

Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat also features new tactics, requirements to produce certain types of units, rules for training time, the incorporation of the Leadership feat into mass combat and more.

Available now at and Paizo Downloads.

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Pathfinder: Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat Out This Week

Later this week, Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat will be released from Jon Brazer Enterprises. It will feature the Kingmaker rules with:

  • errata incorporated,
  • frequently asked questions answered,
  • flying mounted units detailed,
  • vassal armies elaborated upon,
  • and zombie hordes … horded

This book is perfect for the player in any game that uses mass combat rules and the game master that doesn’t want to have to retype the rules for their players. Now everyone at your table can have the rules to valiantly lead their kobold army into battle.

Book of the River Nations: Mass Combat also features new tactics for dwarven tunnel units, requirements to produce certain types of units, rules for training time, the incorporation of the Leadership feat into mass combat and more.