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Fight the Dark Side

Monsters that go bump in the night stalk the living eternally. Within this book, you’ll find a host of these creatures for use in your home game. Face off against cruel kytons, deadly shadows, mindless zombies, life drinking plants, town swallowing worms, and things far worse. Can your characters survive these darkened evils

The Monsters of the Shadow Plane is the latest in the award-winning Book of Beasts series and details new monsters from for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Inside you will find:

  • More than 55 brand new monsters all themed for the Plane of Shadows
  • Low-level monsters like the monkeybat and the dull mite
  • Mid-level monsters like the nightstalker, clawed kadian, and the phantasm swarm
  • High-level monsters like the black worm, deathhand, and starak
  • The new Darkened template to help you get more life out of your favorite monsters

Bring the fight to these shadowy monsters before the darkness envelops you

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