Book of Magic: Signature Spells 1 (PFRPG) PDF



Got Unique Spells?

Created by some of the best spellcasters in the world, the Book of Magic bears their unique magical creations. From Riyal the Abjurer to Halican the Pirate King to Rostov the snake-loving druid, these spells for every Pathfinder class are sure to surprise your foes and your friends.

Book of Magic: Signature Spells 1 delivers to you more than 30 new spells focusing on levels 1-3. These new options for every spell casting class can give you a unique edge in your game.

This 12-page PDF of personalized spells features:

  • 5 new alchemist formulae
  • 4 new antipaladin spells
  • 13 new bard spells
  • 12 new cleric/oracle spells
  • 10 new druid spells
  • 5 new inquisitor spells
  • 15 new magus spells
  • 4 new paladin spells
  • 8 new ranger spells
  • 26 new sorcerer/wizard spells
  • 9 new summoner spells
  • 15 new witch spells
  • Hero Lab file allowing for easy integration

Wield spells with a personal flare today!


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