Pathfinder: Egyptian Magic Items for your Mummy-Themed Adventure Path

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Treasury of the SandsWe are adding the magic items from Treasury of the Sands to If you are battling a Mummy and his evil Mask, make sure to check out these magic items.

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Traveller: Foreven Worlds: Jareth Station

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Foreven Worlds: Fessor SubsectorLast week, we mentioned that we would be providing more detail on the planets are not thoroughly covered in Foreven Sector: Fessor Subsector. Today, we’re taking a look at Bromley. Particularly Jareth Station, a mercenary base in the system.

Jareth Station

Jareth Station is a small space station orbiting the smaller gas giant, Sinth, in the Bromley system. It is far enough away from the war that engulfed the planet Bromley and the planetoid Freehaven that both governments have agreed that the station and the gas giant are neutral territory. Because both military leadership and average troops take a rest here from the fighting, it is a gathering place for mercenaries and intelligence gathering alike. Weapons shipments are not permitted to pass through here although weapons sales happen here all the time.

All those that want to join in the fighting for a profit must register with the station as a mercenary. When a registered mercenary wants to be seek work, they are granted access to a special databoard that lists all available military tickets.

Mercenary Tickets

The following are a few of the many mercenary tickets that are currently awaiting to be fulfilled at Bromley Station.

Retrieve Missing Personnel

Side: Bromley Consulate
Contact Person: Major Chtanianshalt Jdervrets, Mercenary Liaison Officer
Mission type: Retrieval
Estimated Personnel Required: 10
Equipment Available: Ammunition, Facility Layout, Terrain Survival Gear
Estimated Length of Service: 2-3 Weeks
Estimated Pay: Cr. 50,000
Post-Action Extraction: Not possible
Post-Action Support: Equipment Repair
An attack squadron came back with half their number shot down. Our best intelligence suggests that approximately 20 persons survived and are being held prisoner at a the Kiesnakr Detention Facility. The Bromley Armed Forces want them back before they can give those Freehaven rebels intelligence on our positions. The Kiesnakr Detention Facility is a captured Bromley facility and is behind enemy lines. However, they rebels have fortified their air and space defenses well enough that around that position that going in by land is recommended. Ticket pays upon successful retrieval of all survivors from this action.

Ticket Complication: A total of nineteen from this action survived and are being held at Kiesnakr. However, the Bromley military is unaware that thirty-five additional personnel are being held at the facility that are currently listed as Killed in Action. The nineteen survivors will not want to leave without their other comrades.

Protect Fort Sa’dedra

Side: Bromley Consulate
Contact Person: Major Chtanianshalt Jdervrets, Mercenary Liaison Officer
Mission type: Defense
Estimated Personnel Required: 20-30
Equipment Available: Ammunition
Estimated Length of Service: 2-3 Weeks
Estimated Pay: Cr. 30,000
Post-Action Extraction: If necessary
Post-Action Support: Medical
Fort Da’dedra has taken heavy loses and the manpower cannot be spared elsewhere. Additional forces are needed to keep the base from falling into Freehaven rebel hands. Ticket ends when reinforcements arrive.

Ticket Complication: The Base Commander of Fort Sa’dedra has been underreporting the amount of ammunition used in the hoped of making himself look good. As a result, the Base Commander died in the last raid, communications now are being jammed and the fort is almost out of ammunition. Unless the players bring considerable ammunition with them, there is enough ammo at the fort for slug weapons to last 3-4 days.

Download Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector at DriveThruRPG/ and d20PFSRD.

An Ode to Oblivion

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I wrote another Cthulhu poem last night. If you thought my last one was dark, … well, you haven’t seen anything yet. Seriously, this one really goes off the deep end of dark. Consider before reading.

An Ode to Oblivion
When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall,
Down into Cthulhu goes cradle and all.
How my heart longs for nothingness.
My soul, I hope he doth bless.

Crunchy my body, my soul is sweet,
May I be a tasty treat,
No more pain, an end to sorrow,
A freedom from life I’d love to borrow.

An end from this world I seek,
Sharing this gift, freeing this bleak
Exist’nce from starting again anew,
In my heart I know it true.

May my Master feast on me,
Turn my body to entropy.
Hair and skin and soul the same,
Crush this world with cleansing flame.

Now within the circle I lay
When it’s over my skin shall flay.
Candles around me all alight
Into oblivion, oh what a sight!

Peace of nothing, truth of all,
Opening the door for chaos to crawl.
This one gift I give to humanity.
Form and spirit are forever now free.

Traveller: Foreven Worlds: Fessor Patrons for Your Game

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Along with working on Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector, I’ve been working on several patrons that tie into the area. Here are two of them that you can use right now.

Succession War

Silver Fur, the head of the Vargr smuggling clan Ghouller on Cadian, had just finished overseeing the the name on his ships from Borderlands Secure Delivery to Speedy Interplanetary when he was shot dead in the street. His daughter, Broken Tooth, is hiring the players to find her father’s killer since she is in the middle of intra-clan struggle for leadership. She is going to the players since they are not intertwined with clan politics, allowing her to trust them. While she doesn’t know for sure, she suspects the one that hired her father’s killer was:

1) Konlaerruedz. He was ready for this fight before anyone else and had fired the first shots. He and his clan have always been difficult to keep on a leash and have always been a thorn in her father’s paw.

2) Ngoekzithsu. It was his ship he captained that was sloppy enough that got caught by the Zhodani authorities off Thikrit, and he was the reason that the clan had to change markings on their ships. Silver Fur was about to remove Ngoekzithsu as captain of his ship and head of his own little clan. 

3) Okell. He is impulsive and greedy. He shoots first and growls later. The kind of bullets used to kill her father are the same caliber as his favorite gun. His clan have done some of the most brutal fighting to date.

4) Argus Vanth, the actual head of Borderlands Secure Delivery. He never liked that the Ghouller clan was using his company’s marking to slip past the Zhodani authorities. But when he tried to do something about it in the past, the Vargrs “convinced” Vanth that allowing the clan to use his name was in his own interest, if he was interested in still living. He swore revenge but had yet to do anything about it. Broken Tooth feels that with his company now having to go through extra scrutiny because of her family’s clan, Vanth may well have killed him.

5) Brandon Myers. He was one of the few law enforcement officials on Cadian that would not look the other way, regardless of the bribe.

6) Zarneff Jiadr. He is a community organizer on Cadian, attempting to make the planet a better place for Zhodanis. She would bet the remnants of her broke fang that he is a SORAG agent, trying to undermine what he called “destructive elements” in Zhodani circles.

Repelling the Raiders

Elder Starshine from the farming colony on Sieven says that a band of pirates come and steal most of their harvest every few months, leaving the people with barely enough to survive on and no where nearly enough to sell off world. The elder offers to pay the players in food if they put an end to the raids. Also the players should know that:

1) one of the farmers stood up to the pirates once. She was fed to the raider’s captive chamax hunter.

2) the colony use to have defenses. The raiders shot them all down and told the colonists that if they got more, they would bomb the whole colony.

3) the pirates took the elder’s son a few years ago and said they would keep him to insure compliance. They produce the kid every time they arrive.

4) the elder is pretty sure that the leader’s second on command is a telepathy of some kind.

5) the pirate crew wears some kind of electronic tag on their neck. If a pirate resists the captain’s orders, the freeman gets shocked.

6) the crop was bad this time because of some farming equipment malfunctions. The colonists have just enough to meet the quota, leaving them with nothing to eat for several months if they pay the raiders.

Download Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector at DriveThruRPG/ and d20PFSRD.

Traveller: Foreven Worlds: More Info on Other Worlds

March 26, 2014 2 comments

Foreven Worlds: Fessor SubsectorAfter a highly successful first day of Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector, we received 2 reviews. The first is a glowing 5 star review (thank you). The second is a 3 star review. The review’s author gave two reasons for dropping it two stars: 1) the map isn’t color and 2) the other planets of the sector do not have much, if any, detail. And well … he’s right. I should have done both. So I will be updating Fessor Subsector with a color map. It might take me a bit, but it will happen.

As for his second point, I’ll be sure to do that in the release for all other other subsectors, but I’m just going to post them here on my website for Fessor for all to have. I’ll post a few every few days. Please forgive that these will be unedited (my editors hate it when I do this). So here goes.

Dralib was the first world conquered by the Cornathian Empire. Their ships arrived in IY 971. The few hundred farmers working the communal farms knew they did not stand a chance against this force and surrendered without a shot being fired. More than two hundred years later, the descendants of the original colonists, known on world as Drians, are vastly outnumbered by those that moved here after the conquest. The IPF, Imperial Peacekeeper Force, routinely arrest Drians, claiming they were thinking of starting trouble and point to planted objects as evidence of such intent. The Drians have tried appealing to the planet’s ruler for relief from such persecution. While Governor Frinsk claims to be sympathetic to their cause, no change in the IPF’s actions are yet apparent.

Despite being a frequented trading stop between Alespron and Reidian subsectors, the people of Magnef live in perpetual poverty. The wage laws allow corporations to pay their employees so little, the people live in near-squalor conditions. Even when corporations do break such flimsy laws, there is little recourse for the several million people that live on this world. The only time the planet’s nobility go after such corporations is when they cause serious environmental damage. Recently, several hundred tons of radioactive waste material were discovered on a remote moon of the system’s only gas giant world. The only reason it was discovered was that the noblewoman that owned that world, Lady Bedia, decided to set up a pleasure dome on that moon and was unable to do so because of the unexpectedly high radiation levels. She used her influence to get the planet’s police to find the responsible party. The investigator placed the blame squarely on the crew of the Iadria Zhdev, a ship owned by Iadria Vlovl. Since the corporation received word of such an accusation, the company has ordered the crew to a different section of space. Lady Bedia is now searching for some mercenaries to bring the Iadria Zhdev and her crew to justice.

Download Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector at DriveThruRPG/ and d20PFSRD.

Traveller: Define Your Own Destiny in Foreven Worlds

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Foreven Worlds: Fessor SubsectorBeyond the Third Imperium’s borders and in the shadow of the Zhodani Consulate lies the subsector of Fessor. Brutal warlords and savage space pirates take what they can while agents of major powers ply their trade in secret. With danger lurking behind every asteroid, how will you change lives? Will you seek your fortune or topple a dictator bent on domination? Will you wage a war or stop one? Will you bring peace at the point of a gun or by spreading ideas? Only you can decide.

Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector is an 11 page supplement for Traveller. Inside you will find:

  • details of worlds and the people that make their way in this lawless region of space,
  • a detailed map of the subsector, showing political boundaries, locations of bases and much more,
  • and plot hooks for you to create your own campaign.

What destiny lies in your hands?

Download Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector at DriveThruRPG/ and d20PFSRD.

“Traveller” and the Foreven logo are Trademarks owned by Far Future Enterprises, Inc. and are used with permission. The Traveller Main Rulebook is available from Mongoose Publishing.

Traveller: Foreven Worlds: SORAG

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Foreven Worlds: Fessor SubsectorWith Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector coming out soon, I thought I should share with you some of the forces in the sector that players could possibly face. Lets start with the enemy to much of the sector: SORAG. SORAG is a branch of the Zhodani military and stands for Study and Operations Recording Activities Group; its official mission is to observe the progress of emerging interstellar planets. Unofficially, its job is to make unaligned planets right for a Zhodani conquest, without having it look like a conquest. They destabilize governments, if not bring them down altogether. This way the Zhodani Navy comes in and helps to stabilize the situation. Then they never leave.

Even though the paranoid in the sector see SORAG agents everywhere, that does not mean that SORAG isn’t watching. Their active infiltration and assassination missions may not be everywhere, their surveillance and analysis agents are on just about every world in the sector. They observe activities on a world, determine if the world has sufficient value to take over, and look for destabilizing weak points in the planet’s society. Once sufficient weak points are determined, infiltration agents come in and press those weak points causing a crisis. Once the economy or the government collapses, the Zhodani Consulate typically offers to help stabilize the situation. SORAG agents will have collected enough dirty deeds on the leaders to blackmail them into agreeing to the stabilizing force. Should the leaders refuse or if SORAG agents cannot find enough to blackmail a leader, the Consulate will typically send their military, making some excuse to say why it is necessary.

With so few worlds in the Foreven Sector apart of a large interstellar network, the region is ideal for SORAG agents to ply their trade. Imperial intelligence agencies have been slow to recognize this threat and are only starting to catch up. Deployed Imperial agents have been sent to determine the level of SORAG activity on individual Imperial-friendly worlds and recommend countermeasures.

Foreven Worlds: Fessor Subsector is the first in Jon Brazer Enterprises‘ releases detailing the Foreven Sector. Subscribe to our newsletter to never miss an update and to get exclusive previews and deals.

The CT supplement SORAG was originally created by Chuck Kallenbach II and published by Paranoia Press. I really enjoyed the book when I first read it and still enjoy it. I just want to thank Mr. Kallenbach and Paranoia Press for this book.


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