Pathfinder: Book of Beasts Preorders

We got word from the printer that the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations is on its way to the warehouse. Which means it should be at your local game store in 2-3 weeks. We just added a new section to the website. Listed in the Current Releases menu at the top, Upcoming Releases lists Jon Brazer Enterprises’s upcoming books, tells a little about them and lets you preorder. Now you can be the first to read all about lizards that pop out of their victim’s stomach, dragons that spit boiling water, and undead that make people drown on land.

Preorder your copy today.

Published by Dale McCoy

Greetings, I am Dale McCoy, Jr. Jon Brazer is the name of an old role playing character of mine, a Gangrel ghoul from a Vampire game. I live in New Jersey and I write role playing game material on a freelance basis. During the day, I work as an engineer and enjoy spending time with my wife.

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