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The Big Announcement Comes in One Week

In one week, the world will be made aware.
A time of darkness is at hand.
Heroes shall see their torches and fires dim.
Soon shall come the desolate land.

In one week, monsters and horrors shall rise,
Fear is sated and courage shall fly.
Terror cuts and chills bravery to the bone,
Here in the land where death may die.

In one week, you shall know a new
Kind of hero must stand and fight.
A demonlord of undeath and a great old,
You must stand against this blight

In one week, a Pathfinder announcement is made,
Those of true hearts shall stand.
Creatures shall come from the dark and death realm,
For their time is at hand.

In one week, JBE will be revealing dark and terrible plans,
Are you ready?

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