Necro-Soldier Inspiration

You know the best thing about writing zombies, you have to watch all your favorite zombie movies “to get inspiration.” On my way home from work later today, I’m stopping at the video store to get Resident Evil, Armies of Darkness and Shawn of the Dead. After that, I have to play some Halo. Its a rough life, let me tell you.

The whole Creatures of Distant Worlds series suffers, in my opinion, from a lack of ranged attacks. Sure the Krakodaran has its shout and others have a nice way of getting to the players without being noticed, but most of the twenty-five to fifty monsters in a potential monster compendium use their natural claws or bites or similar. Necro-Soldiers offer a unique solution to that. They’re human bodies controlled by a computer; why can’t they use a gun? Why can’t they operate man-portable artillery? or Tanks? or Space Ships? Mull that last thought for a moment the next time the flood is repairing the Master Chief’s ship right before he blows it up. Ask yourself, how would your favorite SF setting would be different if zombies could fly X-Wings or a Klingon Bird of Prey.

Necro-Soldiers is part of the Creatures of Distant Worlds Subscription.

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