Krieg Means War (Mech Tech ‘n’ bot #3 Preview)

Guardian Industries, the same reliable name that brings you the Blitz Hover Tank bring you the Krieg Battle Suit. This heavily armored battle dress comes packed with shoulder and side mounted missile launchers, gun camera integration, one of the most sophisticated computers in the business, and a whole host of sensors. When combined with the Hummingbird Compressed Sonic Rifle (shown in the picture), they make the ideal combination for bounty hunters and military forces dealing with civilian populations.

With Guardian Industries, Krieg Means War.

The Krieg Battle Suit is further detailed in Mech Tech ‘n’ bot – Battle Dress, available from Jon Brazer Enterprises on Sept 28th. Check out our Art Gallery for all the images featured in this exciting issue.

Published by Dale McCoy

Greetings, I am Dale McCoy, Jr. Jon Brazer is the name of an old role playing character of mine, a Gangrel ghoul from a Vampire game. I live in New Jersey and I write role playing game material on a freelance basis. During the day, I work as an engineer and enjoy spending time with my wife.

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