Traveller: Merry d66 Lists

As Solomani Claus travels around known space to bring all the good little girls and boys toys, he also bring you Traveller players some new d66 lists.

For the gambler, he brings d66 Sports Team Names. So now your Referee can give you something to gamble on instead of merely a game of cards. Whether the Riftskimmers are playing the Admirals or the 589ers are playing the Dodgers, your gambler will enjoy this outlet for his character.

For the hard worker in all of us, Solomani Claus has d66 Mine Names. Whether you are looking for a more flavorful background for your belter or need a name of some place where you are smuggling good from, these mine names adds just the right amount of flavor to your game.

For the intellectual aboard your ship, we have d66 Research Ship Names. Boldly tell your fellow players that the name the ship where you conducted your research that earned your 3rd PhD was Belgica. Hear your players be filled with dread with you mention that they have to get the Reliant.

And lastly, for all us, Solomani Claus has d66 Medical Ship Names. Because Solomani Claus knows that after a hard day of shooting it out with planetary authorities or underworld crime lords, we all need a good doctor to patch us up.

On a personal note, I hope everyone has a Merry Whatever-Holiday-You-Celebrate. Drive safely and donate to your local food bank or veterans association. We can’t wait to see everyone in the new year.

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