New Line Developer at JBE

JBE LogoJon Brazer Enterprises would like to welcome our new line developer. From the Mile High State of Colorado, we are pleased to have Marie Small join us. With an amazing list of writing credits that include the Book of Heroic Races: Seedlings, Pathfinder Player’s Companion: Dragon Slayer’s Handbook, and Conflict PvP: Tactics & Teams.

Marie describes herself as an evil overlady with her own small army of minions consisting of a husband, two cats and four kids. She enjoy games of all kinds, reading, music, and creating art of all kinds. “I’m extraordinarily grateful to my husband for holding me to my promise to compete in RPG Superstar 2011. I’m also grateful to everyone who voted (regardless of whom they voted for), the judges, and the fine folks who have granted me the opportunities I’ve had ever since.”

We are really thrilled to have Marie apart of our team. Please join me in welcoming Marie to Jon Brazer Enterprises.

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