PF2e: Redesigning Monsters with Skeletal Minions

For a recent session of my home Kingmaker game, I took the basic skeleton and upped it’s stats from -1 to 2. All I did was look in the GMG, and changed all the numbers from their -1 equivalent to the higher level. It didn’t turn out well. What I didn’t realize is that theContinue reading “PF2e: Redesigning Monsters with Skeletal Minions”

Pathfinder 2e: 3 Reasons Why Every GM Should Give a Free Dedication Feat

The GMG has a variant rule where the players can get a free archetype. About it, it says: The only difference between a normal character and a free-archetype character is that the character receives an extra class feat at 2nd level and every even level thereafter that they can use only for archetype feats. PF2eContinue reading “Pathfinder 2e: 3 Reasons Why Every GM Should Give a Free Dedication Feat”

5 Questions About the Pathfinder 2e Remaster

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Paizo is going to be rereleasing PF2e this year under the ORC license and they’re making some changes because it is no longer under the OGL. My overall reaction can be summed up as, “Ok.” The changes they’re talking about do not seem like that big of a deal toContinue reading “5 Questions About the Pathfinder 2e Remaster”

3 Reasons Why I Love Kingmaker

If you’ve ever talked with me about adventures and adventure paths/campaigns, then you know I love the Kingmaker Adventure Path by Paizo. In my opinion, it is the best adventure path or campaign put out by any company bar none. Care to find be out way? 1) Easy to Add Your Own Subplots Without aContinue reading “3 Reasons Why I Love Kingmaker”

Owen Medical Bills Bundles

Hey gaming friends and family, A fellow game designer needs help with paying medical bills. To assist, a serious number of publishers have contributed supplements for a serious number of games, including us. He’s organized them into two bundles, each available for under $35. Check them out and grab them today. Not only do youContinue reading “Owen Medical Bills Bundles”

PF2e: Wand of Impending Enfeeblement Item 4

Ray of enfeeblement was one of my favorite spells back in the 3e days. I had a character that was based around this and similar penalty-inflicting spells. This spell was more difficult in Pathfinder 1e with the addition of a Fortitude save after the touch attack. This spell is even more difficult in the currentContinue reading “PF2e: Wand of Impending Enfeeblement Item 4”

PF2e: Spells Revisited

At the onset of the playtest for PF2e, heal and magic missile were pretty much the only two spells revealed. They had choices of multiple actions and I was excited, thinking that all spells were going to receive such a treatment. Sadly that was not the case. Until today that is. I’m going to startContinue reading “PF2e: Spells Revisited”

PF 2e: Wand of Enhanced Energy Resistance

Not that long ago, we shared the wand of enduring heroism. Today, we wanted to share with you another such wand of our creation: the wand of enhanced energy resistance. Like we mentioned last time, we each of these wands are designed with expanding options. The few wands that are in the Pathfinder 2e CoreContinue reading “PF 2e: Wand of Enhanced Energy Resistance”

PF2e: Elemental Motion – Fixing the Sorcerer Elemental Bloodline, Part 3

So far, we’ve discussed two ways how to adjust the the Sorcerer Elemental Bloodline. First we discussed what those elements should be. Second we discussed the spells you receive at 1st level. Today we are talking about the second of the Bloodline Spells: elemental motion. First off, this spell isn’t all that bad. Air getsContinue reading “PF2e: Elemental Motion – Fixing the Sorcerer Elemental Bloodline, Part 3”