10 True Things About Lizardfolk

Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Compendium

With all the attention on JBE’s Big Book of Everything, we have not given the Book of Heroic: Races Advanced Compendium nearly enough attention as it deserves. So today, let’s look at another of the races inside this great time: lizardfolk. Just like we did with catfolk, we have 10 true things about lizardfolk that you should know about them as soon by the author Richard Moore. Take it away Richard.

10 True Things About Lizardfolk

  1. A massive variety of lizardfolk subspecies exists, with nearly as many variations in biology as smaller lizard species.
  2. Some lizardfolk grow to immense sizes, while others are diminutive by comparison.
  3. A few lizardfolk tribes have interbred with true wyrms, yielding fierce dragonsired bloodlines who can breathe fire, frost, acid, or lightning.
  4. Lizardfolk hatcheries, where their young are bred and reared, are the most heavily guarded locations in a tribe’s territory, often boasting several formidable tribal defenders who are tasked with defending the next generation of the tribe.
  5. Lizardfolk can manipulate their eggs so as to alter the sex of their offspring during gestation. Some lizardfolk even spontaneously change sex during their life cycle as a result of drastic population shifts.
  6. Dwarves and lizardfolk have more in common than you might think: they don’t like talking, and they don’t like outsiders. Surprisingly, this makes them excellent neighbors and trade partners.
  7. Among the lizardfolk tribes who ally themselves with dragons, the most skilled warriors are the Anointed Ones: the chosen heroes of their draconic patrons who learn the secrets of alchemy and strike blows with the might of thunder.
  8. Two of the oldest deities revered among the lizardfolk are Tlaloc, a daemonic rain god who protects his worshipers in exchange for mass blood sacrifices, and Qucumatz, the progenitor of the rainbow-feathered couatls who prizes diversity in all living things.
  9. Cannibalism is common among lizardfolk due to the harsh environments they inhabit. Some practitioners of sorcery among the lizards even funnel the consumption of sentient flesh into their spellcraft, allowing them to defy the normal laws of morality when using their magic.
  10. Lizardfolk who worship Tlaloc frequently interbreed with black dragons; their eggs are then anointed in blood during mass sacrifices to create the fearsome Chosen of Tlaloc, massive dragonsired hybrids whose thirst for blood is exceeded only by their hatred for all other living things.

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