PF 1e: New Slayer Talents

When we began this month, we set off with the directive of posts focusing on either 13th Age or on new class/career options. So far, we’ve focused on the former and all but ignored the latter. So today I thought I would share with you a few new class options that we created. Specifically, here are a few new slayer talents that I really feel should have been published before now.

Before sharing these, I want to note that none of these appear in the upcoming Book of Beasts: Slayer Codex. That book exclusively uses options published by Paizo in their RPG line. So nothing created by us, any other Pathfinder compatible publisher, nor Paizo for their campaign setting lines make an appearance in this book. These slayer talents are options that I noticed were missing and I would like to see added to the game. Eventually, they will make their way to a book, but that is not today.

New Slayer Talents

The following slayer talents can be taken by any slayer who meets their prerequisites.

Horizon Tracker (Ex): The slayer gains a +4 bonus on all Knowledge (planes) checks, and can use Track with Knowledge (planes) when tracking creatures of the outsider type. 

Martial Artist (Ex): The slayer gains a Style feat as a bonus feat. The slayer must meet all the prerequisites for the feat, adding their slayer level to any monk level, if any. The slayer can choose this talent up to three times. Each additional time he does, he chooses a feat that requires the style feat as a prerequisite.

Vigilante Talent: A slayer can select one of the following rogue talents in place of a slayer talent: armor skin UI, blind spot UI, cunning feint UI, or favored maneuver UI. Any talent effects based on vigilante level use the slayer’s class level. A slayer can select this talent multiple times. If the vigilante talent has a prerequisite, the slayer must fulfill the prerequisite before taking that vigilante talent. This talent can be selected multiple times; each time, it grants the slayer a new vigilante talent.

We hope you enjoyed these new slayer talents. If you want a say in what blog posts get published for next month, join our Patreon. Also download our Pathfinder 1e products at DriveThruRPG and the Open Gaming Store.

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