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PhilCon Panel “Ninja, Pirate, Mad Scientist, Supervillian!”

They're smiling.  I wonder what they're up to.
They're smiling. I wonder what they're up to.

Ruth Lampi – Ninja (N)
Phil  (missed last name) – Super Villian (SV)
Sally-Rouge Pax and Jo Blu Pax – Mad Scientist (MS)
Missed Name – Pirate (P)

MS – More wardrobe choices then “black, black and black” and they take baths
SV – “I am the Bad Seed”
P – Taking stuff, hitting on women, taking stuff, hitting women, taking care since they’re out of women
N – Its not the ninjas you can see that’s the problem. Did you see us at the battle of waterloo, battle new orleans, the grassy knoll.

Time to bash others

N – Pirates “What will you do the with the oil tanker?”
P – missed
SV – ninjas are uncreative hunchmen, Pirates have no class, Mad scientist work for the super villian
MS – SV is useless without us, TMNT are useless without the goo created by MS, and the SV has just given up his secret identity.
SV – “I will have my REVENGE!”

Caper – Steal the Hope Diamond, how do you handle it
MS – There will be a lot of dominos, a bowlingball, (and they just got a soundtrack as the SV started singing), and a puppy.
SV – I was to busy laughing to type
P – dig a channel to the smithsonian and fire upon the guards, swing from the ropes, and nab the diamond and sail off into the sunset
Moderator – “Where is the ninja?”
Ninja returns
N – “Done!”

Plan to take over World
SV starts laughing.
MS – Could go mass mind control “everything you do is playing into our plan.” “What you don’t realize is that we already rule the world.”
SV – “You know I can’t tell you until there is just enough time for you to thwart me.” These ‘perterbed scientists’ need 2 to do the job of 1 SV.
Mod – “I’m just loving the trash talking.” and the MS spewed.
N sprinkles something in MS water, MS passed it to the SV. Pirate drinks the water.
P – How many SV’s actually succeeded? SV’s  henchmen said “George Bush.”
P – While MS are busy polishing their test tubes we’re sailing into all your ports and taking your wenches.  “Superior Wenching Action.”  A great wench makes you feel like King of the World.
N – I can jump from roof to roof.

Mod – I’m out of ideas.
You have your archnemesis in your clutches, what do you do?
SV – …
N – Blow to the head.
MS – Ohhh we’ve done everything, fire ants, space time distortion, maming … We’d just wing it.
SV – “So you don’t have a plan?!?”
P – There’s only one way to handle any problem, “Sink it.” Why walk the plank when you’ve got submachine guns “Oh by the way, thank you MS for the guns.”

MS – It is essential to put a fatal flaw in it to make sure it cannot overtake the MS.

P – Disco’s Back Baby.

Do pirates and ninjas really hate each other so much?  MS and SV hug

P – We’ll take over the inland regions with global warming.

Final Words
MS – Superior in every way, why? “I don’t think you comprehend.”
SV – “Fools! If it grows, I will ungrow it. It comes within 50 ft I will show it my restraining order.”
P – Goes to wipe board. writes “R.”
N – Compromising photos of MS and SV will be available online in 2 minutes.


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PhilCon Notes “Weapons of the Future”

Friday evening

Speakers: Eric Katani (Yoji Kondo), Dr. Charles E. Gannon, Tom Purdom (mod), Alexis Gilliland, and Jay While (sp?)

What does each feel is the critical weapons of the future:

Jay – Sound Wave Weaponry (since air is a hinderance for most other weapons, air is a help with sound weapons)
Gannon – ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles, since this does not endanger a soldier) and Penetration (both personal armor and base fortifications).
Kotani – Rebuildable Launch Vehicles (as opposed to reuseable launch vehicles) (since each ICBM is like having a 747 scrapped after each use.  A reusable costs more since most or all has to come back and there’s a higher fuel cost. A rebuildable is a mix of the two, lowers the cost of a reusable and while lowering the cost of each construction.
Purdom – increased accuracy, ROVs and Armor.

Random points
Jay – Energy weapons are unusable as an offensive weapon for quite some time but they can be a defensive weapon.  It requires much less energy to alter the trojectory then it does to destroy something.
Gannon – Nanite tech can do quite a bit for sensors.  Spread some nanites and they can detect if something is in the air. 
Purdom- Non Violent Weaons
Gannon – Military wants less violent weapon since it takes 4 men to carry a wounded man off the battlefield, soldiers want a higher powered weapons since they want to go home alive and see their kids. 

I asked about EMP Weaponry
Katani and Gannon – It can be a weapon, but its going to be large, cumbersome and devistating to the local infrastructure. 

Jay – Sat defene could involve nano beads to deflect incoming attack.

Once its fully developed and implemented on a ship, it can launch warheads, mines, drones, do a “soft drop” of a payload.