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Traveller: Power Bows

Bows and arrows have come a long way since the middle ages and they will continue to evolve in their effectiveness as time marches forward. So here are a few of the bows I think will be available in the future.

New Weapon Characteristics
Wireless (TL 11): Every arrow after the first successful strike on the same target made with the same bow with the wireless characteristic is granted a +1 DM as the arrow sends back positioning telemetry to the bow. This bonus lasts for 1 minute.

Wireless Bow (TL 11)
This short bow is made from an advanced polymer-metal composite. It features an onboard computer, allowing it to know the position of arrows it fired for a short time.

Weapon: wireless bow
TL: 11
Range: Rifle
Required Skill: Athletics (Bows)
Damage: 2d6+1
Recoil: 1
Cost (CR.): 400
Mass (Kg): 0.6
Special: wireless

Wireless Power Bow (TL 13)
Functionally similar to older styles of bow, however, the addition of energy allows the bow string to recoil at ultrahigh speeds. So an arrow fired from this bow rips through light armor.

Weapon: wireless power bow
TL: 13
Range: Rifle
Required Skill: Athletics (Bows)
Damage: 2d6+4
Recoil: 0
Cost (CR.): 600
Mass (Kg): 0.5
Special: armor piercing 3, wireless

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PhilCon Notes “Weapons of the Future”

Friday evening

Speakers: Eric Katani (Yoji Kondo), Dr. Charles E. Gannon, Tom Purdom (mod), Alexis Gilliland, and Jay While (sp?)

What does each feel is the critical weapons of the future:

Jay – Sound Wave Weaponry (since air is a hinderance for most other weapons, air is a help with sound weapons)
Gannon – ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles, since this does not endanger a soldier) and Penetration (both personal armor and base fortifications).
Kotani – Rebuildable Launch Vehicles (as opposed to reuseable launch vehicles) (since each ICBM is like having a 747 scrapped after each use.  A reusable costs more since most or all has to come back and there’s a higher fuel cost. A rebuildable is a mix of the two, lowers the cost of a reusable and while lowering the cost of each construction.
Purdom – increased accuracy, ROVs and Armor.

Random points
Jay – Energy weapons are unusable as an offensive weapon for quite some time but they can be a defensive weapon.  It requires much less energy to alter the trojectory then it does to destroy something.
Gannon – Nanite tech can do quite a bit for sensors.  Spread some nanites and they can detect if something is in the air. 
Purdom- Non Violent Weaons
Gannon – Military wants less violent weapon since it takes 4 men to carry a wounded man off the battlefield, soldiers want a higher powered weapons since they want to go home alive and see their kids. 

I asked about EMP Weaponry
Katani and Gannon – It can be a weapon, but its going to be large, cumbersome and devistating to the local infrastructure. 

Jay – Sat defene could involve nano beads to deflect incoming attack.

Once its fully developed and implemented on a ship, it can launch warheads, mines, drones, do a “soft drop” of a payload.