GTS 2010 Afterthoughts.

Today is the last day of the Gama Trade Show 2010. I’ve learned alot, met alot of people and got a whole lot of business cards. But the single biggest thing I have learned, I am doing ok. I’ve learned about Chinese Manufacturing, but also learned that for the forseeable future it is better to print in America (or Europe, depending on where a particular book is going to sell better). I’ve learned about how I am doing well with branding my material, but I need to make a few tweeks in the future. I’ve met with Alliance and ACD Distributors and heard some interesting things about Pathfinder and Traveller (and how it is a smart idea to stick with those licenses for a while). Many other things as well, all lead me to believe that Jon Brazer Enterprises is on a good solid track for the future. There are some things we do need to do differently, but for the most part, we are doing well.

Also we are highly considering going to the Games Industry Gathering in 2011. Any other publishers considering going there as well?

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