[Traveller] Serving the Page Count Gods

About 5 minutes ago, I finished up the layout of Mech Tech ‘n’ bot: Mech Squadrons. One more edit pass and some tweeking of the cover and it is ready to go off to the printer. YEAH!!! This is the first book I’ve written where I was concerned about page count. I am budgeted for 32 pages so anything I write that goes beyond that is being left on the cutting room floor. Its not like I wrote 35 or 40 pages of material and I have to cut alot. Its a number of small things. For example, I originally designated one page to NPCs. The skills page overran alot, so I had to cut NPCs down to less than a half a page. The weapons appendix was estimated to 1 page. I however wrote enough new weapons to take up a page and a half. About half of that extra half page was cut and the remainder was shortened to fit into a “Special” box. So a number of things were laid on the alter of page count, like many publishers before me and many after me as well. Those that were cut, I really like, I just happen to like those that were kept more. There are plenty of other Mech Tech ‘n’ bot books in my head so I will be getting Electroshock Missiles and Grav Shells and other cool items in future supplements.

I’m off to the Gama Trade Show next week to help bring Mech Tech ‘n’ bot to your stores. I’ll be twittering from my cell phone, but I probably will not be online much more than that. Have fun while I am away.

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