Pathfinder: The PDF Guarantee and the River Nations

All week long, Jon Brazer Enterprises has been telling you about what is inside the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference to Kingdom Building. Now let me tell you what you get with the print book. Every Jon Brazer Enterprises RPG book that can be found in your local game store carries with it our PDF Guarantee. Incase you are not familiar with our PDF Guarantee, here it is:

If you buy one of our print products regardless of where you buy it, you get the PDF for free.

There are three ways you can get the free PDF of the Book of the River Nations. The first is to buy the book from a location that can give you the PDF. Game stores that participate in Bits and Mortar can give you the PDF when you purchase/order the book direct from them. Also offers a free download to those that purchase the book direct from them. If you are purchasing the book from another online retailer or from a game store that does not participate in Bits and Mortar, you can still get a free PDF. All you have to do is take a picture of either the purchase receipt (with any privacy/credit card information blacked out) or a picture of yourself holding the book at an odd angle. (We reserves the right to ask for an additional photo or a few questions about the book’s contents if we feel the image may have been photoshoped. This is merely a precaution against piracy.) Finally, if you do not have access to a digital camera, simply send us an email. We will ask a few questions about the book’s contents to verify that you do have the book and then we will send you a free download.

For this particular book we’re taking it a step further. Many gamers purchased this book as three separate PDFs. If you bought all three Book of the River Nations PDFs before May 7th, you get the PDF for free as well. We appreciate our customers and want to thank them. Because of your purchase, Early next week we’ll be sending out coupons to everyone that purchased all three PDFs at DriveThruRPG/ If you purchased all three PDFs from these sites, make sure your privacy settings are set so we can send you an email (under the My Account section). If you purchased the three separate PDFs from, send us an email and we’ll send you a few questions about whats in the PDFs.

The email to contact us at is contact AT jonbrazer DOT com. Please put “PDF Guarantee” in the subject line.

Pre-order the Book of the River Nations: Complete Players Reference for Kingdom Building today at your local game store or at Tell your game store today to reserve you a copy! Remember all Jon Brazer Enterprises Print book receive a free electronic copy as part of our PDF Guarantee.

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