Some Cthulhu Poetry

So I was lying awake and realized I just needed to write. This is what came out. I thought I would share it with you. It is not holiday themed. This is by no means done. It definitely could use an edit pass. Enjoy.

They Are Coming
by Dale C. McCoy, Jr.

In the dark here I lay, unable to sleep.
All is still and quiet. In the dim light I see no movement.
The only sound is that of my own heart pounding in my chest.
For I know that they are coming.

I know not when they will arrive.
Perhaps it will be today or tomorrow night.
But no matter when, I know they will come for me.
Perhaps even now they are coming.

Their names do not matter.
They will dress in robes and carry wavey daggers.
I can fight all I want. It does not matter. More will come.
There can be no doubt that they are coming.

There is no where to hide.
They will find my safe shelter.
They have their people in with the police.
They will find me. They are coming.

They call upon dark powers.
They control many through the mystical dreams.
Great old ones are on their side. They wield great power.
How can they be stopped when they are coming.

I know they exist.
Discovery they fear above all else.
That is my crime. I know Cthulhu’s worshippers live on.
It is only a matter of time until they are coming.

A scratching sound!
Schuffling coming from the other room.
If this is my last moment, then they will fight to the end.
They will not take me easily now that they are coming.

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