Traveller: Don’t Panic!

d66 Escalations of a Panicked CrowdToday we bring you two new d66 lists. This first one is a little different than usual. d66 Escalations of a Panicked Crowd helps you to give your players the feeling of unbridled chaos going on around them by making it easy for you to have unexpected and dynamic events happening all around them. These thirty six ideas for a terrifying situation when there are lots of people packed in together, all of them screaming, shouting and fleeing something terrible are ways to make it even worse. Pick up d66 Escalations of a Panicked Crowd today at and

Our other new release is just a fun way to screw with your players. d66 Ways Your Contact Was Killed is ideal for when your players are hurrying to meet with someone who will give them valuable information and they see their contact lying dead. Don’t just have a single gun shot to the chest anymore. Give them some kind of unique and remarkable way of the contact met their maker with this d66 list today. d66 Ways Your Contact Was Killed is available now at and

Grab these and other d66 lists at and

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