Pathfinder: Adventurers Helping Out

Book of Beasts: War on YuletideThis is the time of year in the U.S. when holidays are ubiquitous. We just passed Halloween, Veteran’s Day is upon us, Thanksgiving is coming soon, and a number of other religious and seasonal holidays are also coming up in December.

Amid all the celebrations and precious time with loved ones, please remember to give to those in need around you as well. The colder months of the year hit many families in need particularly hard every year. So we at Jon Brazer Enterprises are asking you to give to give to your local Food Bank. Food Banks, such as the Food Bank of South Jersey which is local to me, provide assistance to families in need throughout the U.S. all year long. Help someone to have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday by giving to your local food bank (you can find more information about your local food bank at

Since we’re gamers, let’s game this. Whenever you donate food, money, or time to your local food bank, make sure to tell your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ that you did so with the hashtag #AdventurersHelpingOut. As our thanks, we will send you a free copy of Book of Beasts: War on Yuletide.

Also, we are going to give as well. Half of all the proceeds from The Book of Beasts: War on Yuletide sold between now and November 30th from DriveThruRPG/,, and will go to the Food Bank of South Jersey.

So spread the word. Give your time, donate some food or money, and tell your gaming friends everywhere to give—and get some monsters for your holiday games, too!

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