d66: Reason for Not Writing a New d66 List

So I started working on some more d66 lists again, and I wondered why I hadn’t done more of this during the pandemic. I took some time and thought about it and realized why I hadn’t. So instead of writing at some length as to why I had not, I thought I would make it fun and make it a d66 list by itself. I hope you enjoy this.

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d66 List Reason for Not Writing a New d66 List
11 Assembling a desk char
12 Attacking the spiders
13 Baking a loaf of bread
14 Binge watching cooking / gardening videos
15 Busy eating cake
16 Cancelling appointments
21 Creating Pathfinder spells
22 Doing some basic housework
23 Emotionally worn out
24 Enjoying awesome 80’s movies
25 Getting lost in Twitter
26 Laying awake at night, trying to sleep
31 Looking at my unfinished LEGO project
32 Making Fantasy Grounds products
33 Making something with scrap wood
34 Mowing the lawn, again
35 Optimizing the home office
36 Organizing my book collection
41 Overcooking the eggs
42 Playing a board game
43 Playing with my Star Wars LEGO fighters
44 Prepping a D&D game for the kids
45 Reading an RPG book I’ve wanted to read for a while
46 Sleeping, please don’t wake me up
51 Slept poorly the night before
52 Spring cleaning
53 Staring at the deer eating the victory garden
54 Surfing Facebook and feeling happy / sad / depressed / angry
55 Talking about a theoretical dog we want
56 Telling myself to go for a walk
61 Thinking about baking a pie
62 Watching late night comedians adapting to working from home
63 Watching the news about the pandemic / protests
64 Wiping down the groceries
65 Working on the victory garden
66 Writing Pathfinder NPCs

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