Star Battles for Your Epic Space Fights in Virtual Space

We all want to see ourselves as Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, or Poe Dameron flying in epic space battles shooting down enemy TIE fighters while the fate of the galaxy is on the line. However, it is really hard to do so when you have a blank background. That is the exact reason why I created the Star Battles line. This gives you asteroid fields to fly through, space stations to defend, beautiful nebulae not far away, planets to zip around, and much more.

Star Battles: Large Asteroids Space Battle Map (VTT)

We started the Star Battles series off with Fantasy Grounds because that is what I play. I am most familiar with that system’s organizational structure and how to operate that program. Since the launch of that series of map packs, I’ve gotten requests to make them available on other virtual tabletops such as Roll20. So I started learning those systems and began the process of becoming a vendor there. That process is still ongoing but that means you have to wait.

To combat this, we decided to expand the Star Battles line to include selling individual maps that you can download and add to your VTT, no matter which you use. This means you can get the exact map you need for a particular space battle and add it to any game system and use it on any virtual tabletop, or as many virtual tabletops as you like. Do you play Starfinder in Roll20 and Traveller in Fantasy Grounds? Now you don’t have to buy the map twice.

We have new maps coming out each week. Download them all at the JBE Shop and DriveThruRPG.

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