More New d66 Lists

This week saw a pair of new d66 lists this week: Passenger’s Ulterior Motives and Philosophy Book Titles

Why have a passenger that is there only to make the player’s some money when you can screw with them at the same time? d66 Passenger’s Ulterior Motives gives you the ideas you need to make every single passenger memorable and a jumping-off point for adventure.
22 Falsely accused of a crime, doesn’t believe they will get a fair trial
35 Mentally unstable conspiracy theorist wants to prove slave ring on ship
62 Smuggler, wearing stolen goods on their body for the whole trip

Every play a well-red character or have an NPC that wants to show off how much they know? They should casually mention a book title from the future. But how can you name a book that does not exist yet? d66 Philosophy Book Titles gives you a brand new collection of books that your character can work into the conversation. Add depth to your character today.
14 Achieving Happiness And Other Impossible Acts
34 Meditating Upon the Stars
63 The Technocracy by Dunowan

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