Traveller: 4 New d66 Lists

JBE just released four new d66 lists, available now on DriveThruRPG.

Every planet has some unusual cargo that they forbid from being imported. d66 Banned Cargo gives you that exact answer right when you need it.

Every group of flyers has a nickname to distinguish themselves from the rest. Have the perfect name ready with d66 Fighter Squadron Nicknames.

Every group of groundpounders has a nickname to show they are tougher than the rest. Have the perfect name ready with d66 Mech Squadron Nicknames.

Cargo gets impounded or placed into quarantine for all sorts of reasons, some mundane and logical, others completely nonsensical Have the perfect reason why with d66 Reasons Your Cargo is Impounded.

Download these and more d66 lists at DriveThruRPG today.

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