13th Age: Guild Items

This month, we are focusing on new 13th Age material. Last week, we shared with you two new monsters for 13th Age: the usurper’s troops and the hound golem. This week, we are sharing with you some of the magic items specific to some of our alternate icons we created for 13th Age. Monday we shared a pair of item preferred by the Herald. Today we have favored by the Guild Mistress.

The Guild Mistress likes two things: gold and those in the guild also being productive. So the ring of persuasion is something that her negotiators frequently have on them. The better crafters in the guild keep the hammer of flawed creativity. Having a bonus to all magic item crafting rolls is something any crafter likes. However, it has been known to make magic items that are imperfect, which is better than just wasting time and resources on a failed attempt.

Ring of Persuasion: This silver ring looks like a simple signet ring with the Guild Mistress’ symbol on it. You gain a +2 bonus to skill checks to make someone give you or sell you something. Quirk: Always smiling.

Hammer of Flawed Creativity (Champion item, recharge 11+): What normally looks like a normal blacksmith’s hammer turns into whatever kind of crafting tool you need it to be at that moment when crafting a magic item. When crafting a magic item, you gain a +2 to your skill check. Should you fail that skill check, you may immediately roll another d20 and add that result to your total. If you succeed with the new total, you successfully create the item but it has some unexpected but thematic flaw (GM’s choice). Examples of flaws: if you are making a weapon that also deals lightning damage, you also deal the lightning damage to one random nearby target (friend or foe alike). If you are making an item that grants resistance to one type of damage, the target of your attacks gains that same resistance until the start of your next turn.

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We slightly altered this symbol we obtained via Creative Commons at http://game-icons.net. Full license at
https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode. Icons created by Lorc.

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