13th Age: Magic Items of the Herald

We slightly altered this symbol we obtained via Creative Commons at http://game-icons.net. Full license at
Icons created by Lorc

All month long, we are releasing new 13th Age material. Last week we focused on monsters. This week we are focusing on new magic items. One of our Patrons asked for magic items for the Herald, so that’s what we’re starting with first.

Confession, Symbol of (recharge 16+): When you hit an enemy with a divine spell or attack, that enemy is also stuck until the end of their next turn. (Champion: recharge 11+) Quirk: Prone to telling others about your deity, bringing the subject up in irrelevant conversations.

Ring of the Blessed (recharge 11+): This ivory ring is carved with the holy symbol of a deity. When you fail an attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, add +1 to that roll. Quirk: Confident in the deity to the point of calm.

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