13th Age: Equitaur

Like we said at the start of the week, we’re creating one monster for D&D 5e, Pathfinder 1e, and 13th Age. Today we bring you the third in the series. The nastier specials are always fun when creating 13th Age monsters. The regular abilities are exactly what you expect from said monster. So when creating the nastier special, I’m always thinking, “what would the boss have?” That’s where I get to turn the monster up to 11. As I mentioned in the 5e post, the inspiration for this monster is a horse-themed minotaur and folklore creature known as a Tikbalang. So I took a version of the minotaur’s durable ability as well as increased the quantity of the terrifying whinny ability. That should give players a rough time.

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3rd level spoiler [humanoid]
Initiative +7

Claws +8 vs AC—8 damage
Natural 16+ hit—The equitaur can make a terrifying whinny attack as a free action.

[Special trigger] C: Terrifying Whinny +8 vs MD (1d3 nearby enemies)—3 psychic damage and affected targets do not add the escalation die to their attacks until the end of the equitaur’s next turn

Nastier Special

Durable: The first time each round the equituar takes damage, prevent 2d4 of it.
Even More Whinny: The equitaur can make a terrifying whinny attack on a natural even hit or miss.

AC 19
PD 17
MD 13
HP 45

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