PF2: Kobold Horde

Image by Rick Hershey, Empty Room Studios, 2015

Every game designer has done it before; they’ve included an encounter that they hope that no one EVER uses, but they know they have to because someone UNDOUBTEDLY will need this. Amongst all the other work I’m doing, I’m starting to write a new adventure for Pathfinder 2e. Here, I’m thinking this will be a great place for the adventurers to stop and have some fun social encounters, get their equipment fixed and buy some healing potions, maybe even have a free safe place to sleep for the night.

But then I thought of many gamers I have known in the past and they will be like, “EASY XP!” and start wading into them. Here’s the thing, kobolds are survivors. A whole kobold tribe will quickly overwhelm an adventuring party. So I decided to make a troop to handle that exact thing. I hope you enjoy it in your games.

Kobold Horde Creature 4

LE Gargantuan Humanoid Kobold Troop
Perception +8; darkvision
Languages Draconic
Skills Athletics +10, Kobold Lore +12
Str +1, Dex +5, Con +2, Int +0, Wis +5, Cha +2

AC 20; Fort +11, Ref +6, Will +8
HP 75; Thresholds 50 (12 squares), 25 (8 squares); Immunities horde bravery, Weaknesses area damage 10, splash damage 5
Horde Bravery When kobolds fight as a horde, they know they are fighting for their very survival. As such, they are immune to the frightened condition until they are reduced to 8 squares. Once they reach that threshold, they are no longer immune to the frightened condition and instead run away, knowing the battle is lost and survival depends on their speed.
Troop Defenses B3

Speed 25 feet; troop movement
Form Up 1 B3
Punch, Scratch, and Bite 1 to 3 The kobold horde attacks with everything it has at its disposal. The kobold horde engages in a coordinated melee attack with all enemies within 5 feet with a DC 18 basic Reflex save. The damage depends on the number of attacks. The damage is bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage, each divided into thirds. All creatures that fail the save have their speed reduced by 10 feet for the round, as several kobolds are hanging off of them.
1 2d6 damage
2 2d6+4 damage
3 2d6+6 damage
Troop Movement Whenever the kobold horde Stride, they first Form Up as a free action to condense into a 20-foot-by-20-foot area (minus any missing squares), then move up to their Speed. This works just like a Gargantuan creature moving; for instance, if any square of the horde enters difficult terrain, the extra movement cost applies to all the horde.
Cavern Escapers As long as the kobold horde is moving away from enemies, they ignore difficult terrain (but not greater difficult terrain) caused by rocks, narrow spaces such as tunnels, or other subterranean environs.

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