PF 2e: My 5 Favorite Alchemical Foods in Treasure Vault

Image by Luis Antonio Salas Lastra

The Pathfinder® Treasure Vault came out recently and I’ve been enjoying it. I’m looking forward to using some stuff in it in my home game. Right now I’m reading the Alchemical Foods section. I thought I’d share my 5 favorite items. These are in order of how they’re presented in the book, not my preference. Choosing a favorite is to difficult.


Sucking on this lozenge gives you a +1 item bonus for 1 hour on Recall Knowledge checks. It has a secondary effect that lets you reroll the Recall Knowledge check if you didn’t gain any new info. For classes that depend on understanding their enemy, like the investigator, this is a game changer. You’re going through a dungeon, room upon room, and you’re trying to gain that bonus from Known Weaknesses, gaining a bonus to all those checks make the difference. And then you get to the boss and roll poorly, you can try again. That what makes this item a favorite of mine.


Sucking on this Level 8 item gives you resistance 5 to electricity for an hour. Biting it means the creature has to succeed a Fort save or be stunned. While highly situational, this is perfect for fighting things like blue dragons or living thunderclaps. Reducing the damage from some of their more deadly attacks and possibly reducing their effectiveness, that’s pretty darn good for a consumable item. This one deserves a spot on my list.


This really should just be named “Plot Candy.” I mean if you hand this to your characters and they hear, “Help! My name is Toby. I’m held against my will. Tell my parents I’m still alive. Their names are Brandon and Griselda. They’re in Sanctuary,” they’re going to drop everything and head over to Sanctuary to let the parents know their kid is still alive and will hunt down those captors with their full might. Like I said, Plot Candy.


How can you not live this item. You eat it and screech like an owlbear, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies. I would have preferred this as a lozenge where it is the secondary effect, but still, it is totally fun.


The final entry in this list is a bowl of stew. Eat this and you gain a bonus to tracking or covering your tracks for the day. This is perfect for a wilderness campaign like Kingmaker where you will be tracking bandits and other dangerous creatures. I can see our group’s orcish swashbuckler chef taking the skill feat to craft alchemical items just to make this on the regular.

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