PF2e: Wand of Impending Enfeeblement Item 4

Image by Dean Spencer

Ray of enfeeblement was one of my favorite spells back in the 3e days. I had a character that was based around this and similar penalty-inflicting spells. This spell was more difficult in Pathfinder 1e with the addition of a Fortitude save after the touch attack. This spell is even more difficult in the current edition of Pathfinder. Since there is no touch attack, it is harder to hit. Then there is a save after that. Probably the real saving grace of the spell is that it’s duration is 1 minute, instead of the enfeeblement being reduced each round. So if it does work, it lasts.

To help it work more consistently, we thought the special ability of this wand should be an increase in the spell’s DC. As such we present to you the wand of impending enfeeblement.

Wand of Impending Enfeeblement Item 4

Attack Magical Necromancy Wand 

Price 85 gp

Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk

This wand is composed of an old gnarled bone with a chip of an onyx gem at its tip.

Activate Cast a Spell; Frequency once per day, plus overcharge; Effect You cast ray of enfeeblement at 1st level level. Additionally, you gain a +1 status bonus to your spell DC for this casting. 

Craft Requirements Supply a casting of ray of enfeeblement of the appropriate level.

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