5 Questions About the Pathfinder 2e Remaster

Image by Beatrice Pelagatti

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Paizo is going to be rereleasing PF2e this year under the ORC license and they’re making some changes because it is no longer under the OGL. My overall reaction can be summed up as, “Ok.” The changes they’re talking about do not seem like that big of a deal to me. So I’ll picking up the new books when they come out and switching when they’re released.

Having said that, I do have some questions about it that I do not think have been answered yet. Forgive me if they have. I haven’t scoured the internet looking for them.

1) How Will The Planes Work?

Alignment is going away! (Sounds if Celebration) But what does that mean for the planes? The outer planes are alignment-based. Are we just going to have a plane called The Abyss and another called Hell and Axis, with no alignment affiliation, some planes are fine for life and other are toxic or whatever? I’m cool with that but I’d like to know for sure your plans.

2) Are Demons, Devils, and Daemons Going to Still be Different Things?

This one goes along with the last. Some of the demons and devils in previous editions felt pretty similar but you used one over the other because they matched the alignment of what you needed. With alignment going away, are you going to call them all fiends and have their personalities differentiate them or are demons and devils still going to be different?

3) When Will Adventure Paths Start Being Under the ORC?

For those of us looking to work only under the ORC when it is done, we’re wondering when those will start to be released. By extension, is Pathfinder Infinity going to be updated to allow publishers to include the ORC?

4) Is the Owlbear Going Away?

We all love the Owlbear. Are you going to rename it or is it going away?

5) Are Compatible Publishers Going to get an Advanced Copy?

We compatible publishers want to cheer you on and are hoping that we can have material out for day one. Any chance we can get a copy of the open content in advance? *Bats eye lashes*

4 thoughts on “5 Questions About the Pathfinder 2e Remaster

  1. 1.- Planes are retaining their alignment from what I hear.

    2.- Yes, they’ll still be different things.

    3.- I’m not sure, but my understanding is even Rage of Elements is going to be under ORC. So I assuming everything after that will be.

    4.- The Owlbear (and other OGL creatures) will not be in the Monster Core. The Bestiary versions of their stat blocks are still 100% compatible. But I imagine they will no longer appear in any published adventures or in a PF3 whenever that happens.

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