New Widget Added

Normally, I do not comment on adding or deleting a widget, but this time I am because it is a relative big deal. Its a writer’s word count meter underneath the Tweets from the Future widget. It displays the current word count of a major project I’m working on. I don’t know how many words the final is going to be but 50,000 is a good estimate for the moment. That is about a 128 book. So this does not for a book less than 48 pages. I am planning a few that are 32ish pages, but I am not counting them for this. My goal is to have the current top secret major project ready by Origins or GenCon 2010, but no guarantees. I am, however, not going to be working on this on a daily basis.

This also marks a change in my current business model. I am going to be focusing on more larger projects and releasing less frequently. If there is one thing that has been communicated to me rather clearly is that most do not want sub-10 page products. I will be phasing out those shorter projects in favor of longer products. The 1-3 pagers were good to get the company off the ground, but it is now time to move on. I will be releasing products much less frequently, but they will be larger products.

Until Next time.

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