Important Milestone

Yesterday, JBE hit an important milestone. We received 2 checks in the mail for PDF and print book sales. The total of those two checks is more than I receive in take-home pay per paycheck from my day job. That is highly significant since my job is in the category that Matt Sprange (of Mongoose Publishing) describes in “I am Mongoose and So Can You” as “will likely require to take a pay cut working full time in the RPG industry.” Mind you, the the checks I received was more than my net pay and not by gross pay and I get 2 checks per month, not just 1 and it didn’t include expenses like print runs or artwork, but it was an important milestone nonetheless.

It means that JBE is a success. No matter how you slice it, we are holding our own. It begs the question, “If I can do this is with an average of 10-15 hours per week, what can I do with 40 hours every week?” Whether I’d love to find out the answer to that question or not right now, I will not be in the near future. There are a good number of reasons why I am not testing those waters just yet. Many of those reasons involve health insurance, the security of the day job and so on. But we have been looking at the possibility of making it a reality. Running JBE as a full time job is a dream. One that looks to be more a reality with each week and month. While the economy may not allow for it to happen this year, we are working towards it. We believe it can happen.

In the words of the great J. Michael Straczynski, “Faith Manages!”

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