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“Death” In The “Family”

You may have seen my post on social media that my computer died Monday. What exactly happened and what does it mean for JBE. First, what happened: the hard drive went. The boot sector is dead and nothing I do is bringing it back. “Have I tried …” My wife is a computer adept. She tried it. She was able to bring it back enough to copy any files that weren’t backed up online to a thumb drive. There’s still a few more things she wants to try, but what we lack is time to do them immediately, with Thanksgiving being this week and family obligations filling our weekends for the next few weeks. More than likely, I’ll be buying a new computer sooner rather than later.

What does this mean for JBE? Fortunately, there’s good news: my old computer works perfectly fine. It’s been sitting on my desk since I got the laptop and I’ve been wondering what I should do with it. Well, now I know: put it right back where it use to be. Sure, it has lots of updates to do, but beyond that there was nothing wrong with it. I just couldn’t play Skyrim on it. Oh well…

Next bit of good news: earlier this month, I decided to pay for online storage earlier this month and set up the computer so it would auto-backup anything in certain folders. So every file for JBE is saved, and when I left for the day job this morning, I was syncing it with my old computer. I even have the cover backed up that I was working on the night before the hard drive bit the dust. Grand total of files lost: zero.

That’s the good news. Any bad news? Well there will be two things lost: time (syncing, digging out activation numbers, working on an older system, computer shopping, trying to get the old one repaired) and money (new computer/repairing computer cost). How much, I don’t know yet. This much, I am sure about: I will not compromise the quality of our products because of this. If I tried to publish Deadly Delves: Nine Lives for Petane for Pathfinder RPG in December, it would be rushed and may not be up to our standards. Instead, I am delaying it until January 2018 and bringing 13 Fighter Talents and Maneuvers for the 13th Age Roleplaying Game up into December’s slot. The first in our 13 Class Options series is going to be significantly shorter and will require less time than a level 12 adventure. This should be completed before Christmas with the computer delays without compromising quality. I will admit, this is not how I wanted to show off the cover for it to you, but I hope you like it nonetheless.

As far as the rest of the schedule goes, I do not anticipate any issues, but I will keep you up to date should any such issues arise.

Have a happy holiday.

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Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Bundle

GGBf Puerto Rico

Us gamers believe in doing good and slaying the dragon or stopping the evil overlord. We do this in our minds and our hearts. Well today we have an opportunity to save people in need in the real world. As you know, Puerto Rico was hit by a massive hurricane. Clean drinking water and food are in short supply and electricity is nearly non-existent.

Right now you can purchase the Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Bundle at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow for $25. All proceeds are going to the GlobalGiving Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund.

For your $25, you will get over $450 in excellent role playing game products for your games. These include a sizeable amount of Pathfinder, Fifth Edition, OSR, BRP, and more from the excellent people behind Kobold Press, Legendary Games, Playground Adventures, Necromancers of the Northwest, Arc Dream Publishing, and many others. Jon Brazer Enterprises is proud to be apart of this bundle contributing our first major adventure Deadly Delves: Reign of Ruin for the 13th Age Roleplaying Game.

Together we can be the hero that we play in our games and help those in need today.
Download today at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.

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The JBE Shop Is Now Open

Jon Brazer Enterprises now has our own online shop. You can download our PDFs direct from us, helping us make the amazing RPG books you know and love. When you download a PDF from us, you will always have access to the latest version should it ever be updated. 

Right now you can get many of our Pathfinder and 5e titles. We will be adding our 13th Age and Traveller titles soon.

From now through September 15th, you can get 25% off your first order with coupon code OpenStore25

Order your books from the Jon Brazer Shop today.

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Delays, Delays

Long story short, my computer with Photoshop and InDesign died on me this weekend. The Greatest Girlfriend in the Whole World is working to fix it so it will be up and running soon, but in the meantime, we have some delays. Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Skinwalkers and Advanced Androids are the next two to be released. Both are written. One is all ready for layout (which is what I was going to do earlier today) while the other is in editing. Their release dates might be pushed back.

If that is the case, I will release them once they are done to subscribers and will be released for individual sale the following Tuesday.

I do have other computers so I am hard at work on Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Wyrwoods and Advanced Gillmen so they should not be more delayed than absolutely necessary. In addition, I am working on a number of other projects that I cannot talk about at this time, some of which are for other companies. So they are getting paid extra attention right now.

Short of the long, I will keep everyone updated on any developments.

Update (11/2): The Greatest Girlfriend in the Whole World got the new computer up and running last night. I started moving files to the new computer from my external backups. So I lost a weekend and it is going to be a bit before I am back to 100%, but I am good enough at this time to get back to work. More than likely everything is going to be pushed back a week, but I will try to speed that up some.

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An Ode to Robin

As many of you, I was shocked when I heard the news about Robin Williams. I really enjoyed his work over the whole of my life. He will be missed by many, MANY people. So I hope to honor his passing with these words.


Ode to Robin.

Oh Captain My Captain. What a tragedy this day.
For today, Mrs Doubtfire has gone away.
Never again will Roosevelt come alive at night
The lamp stands unrubbed tonight

Oh I long to hear “Na-nu na-nu,” from the owner of Zevo Toys.
Or be in a Birdcage where my parents are boys.
Tonight we roll the dice and get a stampede.
For now the Bicentenial Man is gone indeed.

Whether you reside in light or in dark of What Dreams May Come
Patch taught us to laugh when all else looks glum.
Fly back to us on some magic fairy dust.
For in Jakob the Liar we do trust.

Good-bye oh friend who helped us through MIT.
We miss your Flubber, oh so bouncy.
Farewell to the ducks from the Crazy Ones.
We now weep during Good Morning Vietnam reruns.

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Google+ Page

JBE LogoWhile we have had a Google+ page for quite some time, I have not been advertising it much since it was the really long series of numbers. But I finally took the time to qualify for a custom URL. If you use Google+, goto and be sure to circle us there to stay current with everything we are doing.

If you use Facebook or Twitter, we still post regularly there. Like us or follow us on these sites we well if you use them.

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Pathfinder: Release your Inner Kobold

Fight the Dark Side

The brave and noble (er, I mean cowardly and underhanded) umbral kobold survives the Plane of Shadows through stealth and guile—and, with this race guide, so can you. This supplement provides an exciting look into the life of everyone’s favorite miniscule draconic creature, along with full stats that are balanced to play seamlessly alongside the races from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. In this player supplement, you will find all-new alternate racial traits, character traits, archetypes, feats, spells, deities and much more for your umbral kobold PC. Play the kobold race that you always wanted to play—grab the Shadowsfall: Guide to Umbral Kobolds today!

What Stories Will They Tell of Your Character?

This 16 page PDF details the umbral kobold race, their place in Shadowsfall and gives players racial options such as feats, spells, alternate class and racial choices and more. Download Shadowsfall: Guide to Umbral Kobolds today at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow, and d20PFSRD today.

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The Brazer Bulletin at the Robot Viking

Dale McCoy of Jon Brazer Enterprises is now a regular columnist over at the Robot Viking. In his first installment of the Brazer Bulletin he discusses what the GAMA Trade Show is really like. He went last year and shares his experiences of what it is like to go.

Future post to the column will discuss Third Party Pathfinder and Traveller Products, Pathfinder and Traveller News, and anything else going on in the industry. Be sure to read it every Wednesday.

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Important Milestone

Yesterday, JBE hit an important milestone. We received 2 checks in the mail for PDF and print book sales. The total of those two checks is more than I receive in take-home pay per paycheck from my day job. That is highly significant since my job is in the category that Matt Sprange (of Mongoose Publishing) describes in “I am Mongoose and So Can You” as “will likely require to take a pay cut working full time in the RPG industry.” Mind you, the the checks I received was more than my net pay and not by gross pay and I get 2 checks per month, not just 1 and it didn’t include expenses like print runs or artwork, but it was an important milestone nonetheless.

It means that JBE is a success. No matter how you slice it, we are holding our own. It begs the question, “If I can do this is with an average of 10-15 hours per week, what can I do with 40 hours every week?” Whether I’d love to find out the answer to that question or not right now, I will not be in the near future. There are a good number of reasons why I am not testing those waters just yet. Many of those reasons involve health insurance, the security of the day job and so on. But we have been looking at the possibility of making it a reality. Running JBE as a full time job is a dream. One that looks to be more a reality with each week and month. While the economy may not allow for it to happen this year, we are working towards it. We believe it can happen.

In the words of the great J. Michael Straczynski, “Faith Manages!”

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New Lower International Shipping

I had not realized it until yesterday, but I charging to much to ship internationally. I overestimated the weight. My bad. So here are the new rates:

International Economy (Canada Only)
Qty 1-2 US$6.00
Qty 3-4 US $10.00

International Standard (Worldwide)
Qty 1-2 US$11.00
Qty 3-4 US$13.00

International Express (Worldwide)
Qty 1-5 US$29.00

I apologize for my previously high rates.

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[Meta] Newspapers and the Future of RPGs

This morning on my way to work, I stopped at my local Wawa for breakfast (bad for the waist line, but still good) and there was a guy from the local newspaper there handing out free copies of their paper. I didn’t take one and as far as I could tell no one else did either. It amazed me that they were still trying to keep that end of the market alive. Why weren’t they offering some kind of “try our online subscription free for 30 days” or something like that. This might sound harsh, but when the nation’s largest newspaper (the New York Times) could spend HALF as much money by buying every single one of their subscribers a Kindle and letting them read it there instead of printing the actual paper, your industry needs to find a different business model, and fast.

My next thought though was: how does this apply to RPGs? The print side of the market has been shrinking for years while the electronic side as really been the only growing part. While the total market for electronic books is miniscule compared to the print market, those numbers will not be that way forever. But when Amazon sales of Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol are selling better on the Kindle than in hardcopy, the rest of the market cannot be far behind. Keep your mind open for the whole of the RPG market to be on those devices in less than 5 years.

What else is changing? Sci-fi-like battlefields are finally here. If you have not seen this video yet, check it out. Surfacescapes Demo Walkthrough for D&D from Surfacescapes on Vimeo. Throw a network connection on there, and you’re set to game with the rest of the world.

But back to my newspaper musings, I see some RPG companies getting it and some not. Some companies post the whole of their system up on a wiki and others that do not place bookmarks in their PDFs. Now we’ve got the Nook from Barns and Nobles that is full color. Printing full color costs a ton; displaying full color images on the device costs the same as black and white. Why print when you can do that? Companies need to be ready for the future, because the future is here. As Michael Stackpole put it, “The war between digital and print is over. Digital won, print just don’t know it yet.”

How will you be reading your RPG material in five years? Have you ever tried reading a book from your phone or an eReader device?

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Busy Week

Well, I’ve had a busy week. And I rocked it. I finished up a business class I was taking. My group had to give our presentation a week early because we weren’t going to be present for the last class (more on that in a moment). We Michael Phelpsed that presentation! Final grade for the class: 94%. Freakin awesome!

I got involved in a flamewar on the internet. Final result: I helped change a few hearts and minds and I hope the place will be much less flamey in the future. Plenty of good people I was having a hearted discussion with, but we ended off on a positive note. Oddly for the internet, I know, but it does happen.

I made a public apology to Wizards of the Coast elsewhere in the internet. The apology was about comments I made publickly on the run up to D&D 4E. Plenty of people gave me serious props for being man enough to apologize. Plenty of others were interested in hearing more about my own company and our Traveller products.

Tomorrow I leave for vacation. I’ll be going to North Carolina with my family. I can’t wait to spend the week with my daughter and my sister’s kids. They have alot of fun playing together. Plus I get to “corrupt” them with kid fractured fairy tales like Cinderella and the Stinky Feet. When I get free time, I’ll be writing more material. But if I get nothing written (definitely a possibility), its not a big deal. I’ve budgetted that in just in case.

Later today, I’ll be releasing Paskrin to Subscribers. This is #4 of the initial five Creatures of Distant Worlds series. These buggers are the bane of engineers and mechanics everywhere. They bite, chew and claw their way into a special place in any players heart devoted to hatred. Every have an engine block have the pistons eaten? That’s what these guys do. Watch out players.

Lastly, I’m almost moved out of my apartment. Just a few more things and cleaning to go. But I am still busy as all heck. Write again later.