Pathfinder: Prestige Classes vs Archetypes

The upcoming release for the Book of the River Nations is mostly going to focus on new Feats, Spells, and Magic Items. Additionally, we’re planning to include a few Prestige Classes. Why Prcs instead of the currently popular Archetypes? Because Prestige Classes should indicate some sense of being part of a larger group, one which transcends the individual classes and allows those of very different backgrounds to share a common set of abilities. And that is what I wish to accomplish with these PrCs.

First among these is the King’s Spy. I’ve been intrigued by the recent book about a secret information gathering service commissioned by America’s first President, George Washington, and how it has (supposedly) been around ever since with few to no one in the general populous knowing about it. It makes sense and is pretty cool. So I wanted to give players something like that for their NPCs in their adventures in the River Nations. The King’s Spy PrC will focus around mundane spying and information gathering techniques, but they will exceptionally good at it. There’s no reason why a Commoner (tavern owner) couldn’t be just as much part of the King’s Spy Network as a Rogue (travelling business person). These and plenty of others could be part of some super secretive informants. Additionally, this PrC could used by a later player that joins the game as a reason why the players trust him so much. Or the players that do an espionage focused game where they’re all apart of the King’s Spy Network.

We’ll be posting more about the Prestige classes included within as we develop them. In the meantime, we hope your adventures in the River Nations are enjoyable.

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