Pathfinder: Book of the River Nations Table of Contents

With the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference for Kingdom Building coming out soon, we’re doing previews all week for the new book. Yesterday, we released the coverart as wallpaper for your computer screen. Today we’re sharing the full Table of Contents. Without further ado, the TOC:



Chapters                                                            Page
1 Exploration                                                          3
2 Kingdom Building                                                 5
3 Mass Combat                                                     19
4 Feats                                                                 29
5 Spells                                                                 32
6 Organizations & Secret Societies                       37
7 Magic Items                                                        41

Tables                                                                  Page
1-1 Travel and Exploration Times                             3
1-2 How Big is a Hex?                                              4
2-1 Kingdom Improvements Per Month                    7
2-2 Kingdom Edicts                                                 15
2-3 Kingdom Events                                                16
3-1 Army Size                                                          23
3-2 Strategy Track                                                   24
4-1 Feat Summary                                                   30
6-1 Devout Healer                                                   37
6-2 King’s Eye                                                         39

Sidebars                                                                Page
Encounter Sites                                                         4
Order of Exploration                                                  4
Order of Phases in a Kingdom’s Turn                         6
Ruler Titles                                                                 8
Claiming Your Own Territory                                      9
Preparing a City District Site                                    10
Army Size and Build Points                                       20
Why Such Large Vassal Armies? District Site            23
Mass Combat Summary District Site                         24
Using Magic to Increase a Kingdom’s Statistics        32

Appendix: Kingdom Sheets                                      43

As you can see, several pages have increased content. The kingdom building section has 2 additional pages of content, the mass combat section has an additional page of content. And there’s a two page section of magic items that wasn’t there before. Tomorrow we’ll discuss what exactly is new in those section.

Pre-order the Book of the River Nations: Complete Players Reference for Kingdom Building today at your local game store or at Tell your game store today to reserve you a copy! Remember all Jon Brazer Enterprises Print book receive a free electronic copy as part of our PDF Guarantee.

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