Pathfinder: Book of the River Nations Kingdom Building

With the Book of the River Nations: Complete Player’s Reference for Kingdom Building premiering soon, JBE is spending all week to share what is inside. Monday we shared the full cover art. Tuesday was the Table of Contents. Today, we’re delving into the heart of the book: the additions to the Kingdom Building section.

The Kingdom Building describes in detail how to, well, build a kingdom. The Kingdom’s Turn is the step by step process how to build your kingdom. This quick reference side bar inside is:

Upkeep Phase
Skip this Phase the first turn or whenever your kingdom is 0 hexes.
1. Determine Kingdom Stability – A stability check to reduce Unrest
2. Pay Consumption – Pay for kingdom’s upkeep
3. Fill Vacant Magic Item Slots – Randomly roll new magic items
4. Unrest – Lose a hex if Unrest is 11 or higher

Improvement Phase
1. Select Leadership – Fill or change leaders
2. Claim Hexes – Increase your kingdom size
3. Establish and Improve Cities – Start cities or build new buildings within a city
4. Build Roads – Add roads in your nation
5. Develop Open Space – Build farms or other improvements
6. Edicts – Set or change level of taxes, festivals and promotions

Income Phase
1. Deposits – Add your own wealth to the treasury
2. Withdrawals – Remove money from the treasury
3. Sell Valuable Item – Roll to see if an expensive magic item can be sold off
4. Income – Roll to determine taxes collected

Event Phase
1. Kingdom Event – Roll to determine which random event happens in your kingdom.

Those playing in kingdom building games already will notice one slight change in this process: Develop Open Space instead of Build Farmlands. Now building farms is one option among many options. Built on the system developed online (and used with permission), these options are now part of the core kingdom building rules. Some of the options are an Apiary for producing honey, an Aqueduct to deliver fresh water to cities and farms, a Fort to increase defenses of your outlying area and give you a staging area for mass combat battles, a Mine to help increase production of your kingdom’s mineral wealth, and a Reservoir to make use of large bodies of fresh water in your kingdom.

A completely new section covers Castle Additions. Now rulers can customize their castle to their heart’s content. Want a sprawling castle with lots of wings? Now you can do that. Do you want a Moat for your castle? That option is available. Or would you rather have your castle protected by Wards and contain an Anti-Scrying Room. That option is available to you.

That’s all we have for today. Come back tomorrow when we start describing Magic Items fit for a ruler.

Pre-order the Book of the River Nations: Complete Players Reference for Kingdom Building today at your local game store or at Tell your game store today to reserve you a copy! Remember all Jon Brazer Enterprises Print book receive a free electronic copy as part of our PDF Guarantee.

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