Pathfinder: Looking for More Traps?

Riyal's Research: Traps
Personally, I feel there are not enough traps in the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. With parts of the game like monsters and archetypes getting stronger support, traps feel like they do not have enough “sex appeal” for a more prominent place in the game. So we at Jon Brazer Enterprises are here to help traps reclaim their mojo in your game. Below are three traps from our recent Riyal’s Research: Traps. We hope you enjoy them.

Kobold Razortooth Trap CR 1
mechanical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device DC 15
location; Reset automatic; Bypass small or smaller creatures do not set off this trap
Effect tooth tipped spears (Atk +0 melee, 1d4 spear plus poison [black adder venom])
A favorite among kobolds, a razor-sharp, tooth tipped spear extends from a small hole in the wall when this trap is triggered. In order to set it off, the creature must be a medium or larger creature. Small creatures do not weigh enough to set off this trap. Since the trigger requires a creature of so much weight for the trap to go off, the spear’s aim is not terribly great. Many creatures experience the rush of air as the spear extending out mere inches in front of them. Trap cost: 1,250 gp. Construction DC: Craft (traps) 25.

Acid Shower Trap CR 6
mechanical; Perception DC 25; Disable Device DC 20
location; Reset repair
Effect acid shower (save DC 29 Reflex negates, 2d10 acid damage, touched creature takes damage for 3 rounds)
Acid pours down from a hole in the ceiling and begins to burn the creature if it did not make the save. It is believed that the creator of this trap got the kobold’s acid dump trap and decided to make a more sophisticated version. This trap is most common in labyrinths or in 10 ft. wide hallways where all those normally there know to avoid the trigger. Trap cost: 7,500 gp. Construction DC: Craft (traps) 25.

Lightning Storm Trap CR 8
mechanical; Perception DC 25; Disable Device DC 15
sound; Duration 2 rounds; Reset repair; Bypass hidden lock (Perception DC 25 to locate, Disable Device
DC 30 disarm)
Effect alchemical device (5d6 electricity, save DC 25 Reflex half, creatures in metal armor take a -4 to this save); multiple targets (all targets in a 30-ft.-radius cone)
Used to protected treasure rooms, this trap sprays electricity from a suit of armor in the corner. Since it is triggered by noises as quiet as two coins clanging together, thieves fill up their bags with coins will set it off. However the trigger is disabled when the fingers of the suit of armor’s right fist are pointed out. Because the suit of armor is metal, failing the Disable Device check by 5 or more sets off the trap. Trap cost: 8,000 gp. Construction DC: Craft (traps) 25.

If you like these, be sure to check out Riyal’s Research: Traps today. Also watch out for Riyal’s Research: Haunts coming out next week. These deadly dangers will enhance your world and your game.

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