Pathfinder and Traveller: New Print Books Available for Purchase

Jon Brazer Enterprises is committed to bring you our books in a fashion that you want to see them. That especially includes print. As such, we are making our newly released Book of Heroic Races: Seedlings available for Print from DriveThruRPG and This book, written by Marie Small is the first in our Book of Heroic Races series, giving players new balanced races they can play alongside a human, elf or other core book races. Seedlings are a plant-like humanoid race that possess a special connection to nature and the natural world around them. As always, you receive the PDF for free when you purchase one of our print books.

The d66 Compendium was our last Traveller title produced and it was available at your local game store for quite some time. Now print copies are becoming scarce so we want to make sure it is available for anyone that wants it in print. You can find it a DriveThruRPG or This book of names and ideas for your science-ficiton, far future role playing game is mostly system neutral and is easy for you to use in your home science-fiction game, regardless of the specific setting and system. Order this book today and get the PDF for free.

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